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E wo ohun ti bobo yii se fun afesona re nita gbangba

Laaarin ile itaja nla kan niluu Warri, bobo yii kunle fun ololufe re. O mu oruka ife jade lapo, o si wi bayii wi pe: “Joo ololufe mi, nje o gba lati je iyawo mi?” Opolopo awon eniyan ti won ...

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Awon eniyan ti bere si ni fi adura ranse si oga @DeleMomodu

@DeleMomodu, okan ninu awon oga oniroyin ile Naijeria, eni ti pupo ninu awon akegbe re feran lati maa pe ni Bob Dee, ni okan ninu oju meji re n yo lenu bayii. Won ti se ise abe fun adari ati ...

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Gbenga Ojoyido n jaye bi oba Lamidi niluu Amerika

Won ti so mi lenu, idi ni yii ti mo fi pinnu lati dake. Won ti fabuku kan mi, idi ni yii ti mo fi senu mi ni deede sibi. Awon kan tile leri wi pe maa kandin ninu iyo, ...

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US Petition Urges Obama to Return Nobel Peace Prize for ‘Millions Killed’

Americans are urging Barack Obama to return the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the US President in 2009. US President Barack Obama, right is applauded by Nobel Committee Chairman Thorbjorn Jagland after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize during a ceremony ...

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Battle Against ISIL: Russia Exposes US Lies in Syria

The successful Russian air strikes against ISIL in Syria have exposed the hypocrisy of the United States, an American writer and political analyst said. Mark Glenn, a writer and co-founder of the Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement, spoke in a phone interview ...

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russian gen

Media-briefing of Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Col. Gen. Andrei ‎Kartapolov

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16.10.2015 Ukraine Military Report

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Must Read to those Bashing Osinbajo’s move to Ukraine but not Russia for Arms.

For those of you that ask why not quickly embrace Russia for help as to asking Ukraine for help ? See how a political scientist, publisher and a political public commentator answered the question bellow. “Russia under Putin is a ...

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cross talk

CrossTalk on Syria: Washington Confused

From one fiasco to another: Washington has failed to change the regime in Syria, failed to effectively fight ISIS, and now wants Russia to fail. At the same time, Obama appears to be willing to arm any anti-regime fighter who ...

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2 Guys Beaten To A Pulp In OAU – Pics

Somebody shared the photographs on instagram, said it purportedly happened in OAU yet didn’t say what the young men did. They were really extremely beaten.

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