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How many is this Man Carrying ?


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endsars ilorin

#ENDSARS: Police Brutality happening live at Oko-Oba Central Mosque – Video

@AzAbdulhakeem wrote ‘ Happening live at Oko-Oba Central Mosque, Oke Odo, Ilorin. What could have been his offence to make @PoliceNG officers treat a human being like this? They even fired a live round with this population of civilians around?” ...

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Top 11 Reasons Why Ooduans (Yorubas) Abandoned Sowore To His Own Fate – Onisokuso Omo

For ages now, Oodua (Yoruba) people are known to be rendering help to their people in their trying times. The fact can be established from the ancient history of the Oodua (Yoruba) race where they helped a lot of people, ...

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Lauretta Onochie

Sowore’s Case: Those asking for more information from DSS are ignorant – Lauretta Onochie.

1. There’s no where in the world where someone standing trial for treason is given bail. Nowhere. 2. If a judge decides that our safety is less important than the freedom of one man, the DSS, our secret police, who ...

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PUNCH of December 3, 2012 with a front page editorial titled – Jonathan Spendthrift :Enough is enough”.

This was an editorial against then president Jonathan. But today, the paper is being denigrated as being an “opposition” paper just because of a critical editorial. That you don’t agree with PUNCH’S today’s editorial doesn’t mean the paper should be ...

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You can understand why Punch is in pains…

Under GEJ the presidency once gave N500m to journalists for Christmas and also gave choice land to newspaper editors which the Buhari administration revoked when it came to power. That is the reason they have never given Buhari good press. ...

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Be sincere: Chatting on FB and finally met her, what would you do???

You were chatting with her on facebook, you fell inlove with her and finally you both decided to meet. She got to the park and called you to come pick her up, on reaching there you saw her like this ...

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Ladies: Good in kitchen but not in bed, will you marry him ?

Be sincere

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Ọ̀pọ̀ èèyàn ló sá fún mi nígbà tí mo dùbúlẹ̀ àìsàn…Taiwo Hassan

Ọ̀pọ̀ èèyàn ló sá fún mi nígbà tí mo dùbúlẹ̀ àìsàn…Taiwo Hassan Ọ̀pọ̀ èèyàn ló sá fún mi nígbà tí mo dùbúlẹ̀ àìsàn…Taiwo Hassan, Ògògó Fẹ́mi Akínṣọlá Àwọn àgbà ní bí ẹyìn ọ̀rọ̀ ò bá ì pọ́n, ẹnìkan kìí sí ...

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Ukrainian Military After 5 Years Of Warfare

Prior to the Maidan coup of 2014, Ukraine’s military existed in a political vacuum, suffering from benign neglect as well as corruption and other problems plaguing the Ukrainian state. Apart from downsizing, which meant the replacement of divisions by brigades, ...

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