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oriki ori

Oriki Ori

Ori Onise Apere Atete gbeni ju Orisa Ori atete niran Ori lokun Ori nide Ko si Orisa ti dani gbe leyin Ori eni Ori ni seni ta a fi dade owo Ori ni seni ta a fi tepa ileke woja ...

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odu ifa

Odu, “Òtùá Yèpín (Òtúá yèkú)”- cast for today’s Ose Ifa

Looking at the Odu, “Òtùá Yèpín(Òtúá yèkú)” cast for today’s Ose Ifa, what else can we ask from Elérìí Ìpín, Witness to Destiny, if not favourable destiny. Just listen to the stanza Òtúá yèpín wóò adé l’abá l’óríAdífá fún Òtúá ...

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ose ifa

Feliz y bendecido Ojo’se Ifá.

Buenas noches Òlódumarè y todos los Irunmoles les bendigan, dentro de nuestras creencias el estar en alineación con Èşù su veneración, la alimentación tanto de ingredientes en un Òsé Ifá o la alimentación al Icono del Òrìsà en un Ebo con algún animal, los regalos libres que en algunas ocasiones en la adivinación se nos aconseja, y la comida que nosotros preparamos para comer también es una parte de sacrificio o ingrediente para compartir con Èşù

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Turkish Offensive syria

US to Pull About 1,000 Troops From Syria’s North Due to Turkish Offensive – Pentagon

The Pentagon earlier confirmed that some Turkish shelling near the city of Kobani in northern Syria was in close proximity to American troops stationed at an observation post there. Washington insists that Ankara was aware of where its troops were ...

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In Video: Turkish Leopard 2a4 Battle Tanks Enter Northern Syria

Turkish Leopard 2A4 battle tanks have entered northern Syria in the framework of Ankara’s Operation Peace Spring against the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces. The most-widely known case of the employment of Turkish Leopard 2A4 battle tanks in the conflict in ...

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Military Situation In Yemen On October 13, 2019 (Map Update)

Saudi-led forces shelled the Razih district in Saadah province;Saudi-led forces shelled Durayhimi town with mortar shells;Ceasefire violations were reported in Al Hudaydah city;Sporadic clashes continue on the Fakhir front;Sporadic clashes continue on the Rashaha front;According to reports, negotiations between Ansar ...

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Syrian Troops Prepare For Possible Takeover Of Manbij From SDF

As the defense of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces is crumbling under pressure from Turkey-led forces, the situation is northern Syria is becoming more and more tense. Over the past few days, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies ...

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And now, a short message from our wannabe masters

Friends, We hope you had an easy and meaningful fast. At the Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA), we are approaching this year with a renewed sense of mission and deep commitment to electing officials who share our values to ...

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Policemen assaulting a lawyer in Onitsha, Anambra State

Watch Video Policemen Assaulting A Lawyer In Onitsha, Anambra

Some officers and men of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) have been caught on camera assaulting a man said to be a lawyer in Onitsha, Anambra. The video posted on the Facebook page of one Ben Chuks Udoh captured the ...

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bitcoins halving

What is Bitcoin Halving?

What’s the Bitcoin Halving? New Bitcoins are issued by the Bitcoin network every 10 minutes. For the very first four years of Bitcoin’s existence, the quantity of new bitcoins issued every 10 minutes was 50. Every four years, this number ...

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