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esu js not satan

Èşù no es Satanás..#EsuIsNotSatan

¡Atrás! Aprecio la oración y las palabras de aliento en los últimos días. Decidí tomarme un tiempo fuera de este espacio. Solo tenía que tomar algunas decisiones difíciles en la vida y trabajar en algunos proyectos que han estado postergando ...

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Review-Alabi Bi Esu - Complete anti-Yoruba Tradition and A Racist Ideology Against Oodua People

Review: Alabi Bi Esu – Complete anti-Yoruba Tradition and A Racist Ideology Against Oodua People. #EsuIsNotSatan #EsuIsNotAThief

Looking into the functions of Esu as a spirit (Irunmole) and as a deity (Orisa) ESU – the Holy Saviour and the Messiah Of the Universe. (see more functions of esu) Function of Esu as a Spirit (Irunmole) Olodumare creates ...

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Esu Alaje

About Esu Alaje #EsuIsNotSatan

Aboru aboye!!! Esu Alaje is the one that we call to bring us prosperity because he is the owner of prosperity, and he will also protect the owners against all evils.If you have a work that need to bring you ...

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#EsuIsNotSatan: The Importance Of Esu Divinity!!!

Esu is a fundamental Orisa and of great importance in Yoruba land. There is no shrine you will get to in Yoruba land where you will not see the image or a representation of Esu. In fact, well-established towns (i.e. ...

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esu is not satan 2016

To throw more light to the issue of #EsuisNOTSatan

Esu and Satan Esu is one of the Orisa in Ifa religion. Who followed other irunmole from heaven to eath. He was blackmailed by mistakenly regarded him as Satan in Quran and Bible when Bishop Ajayi Crowder translated Bible from ...

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esu is not satan 2016

Check out more beautiful Photos from #EsuIsNotSatan 2016 awareness

See more colorful photos from Esu Is Not Satan 2016 awareness.

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esu is not satan

Photos from #EsuIsNotSatan 2016 Awareness

See more photos bellow.

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EsuIsNotSatan: Where to Get Esu Is Not Satan Tshirt

If you are in Nigeria, Lagos, Ìbàdàn, Ogún state and you need to get your own #ÈsùIsNotSatan shirt, please inbox Iyalorisa Omitonade Ifawemimo for yours now (They have just a few left). If you are not in Nigeria and you need ...

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Translating English names in the bible to Yoruba name, according to Bishop Ajayi Crowder.. #EsuIsNotSatan

1. Adam- Adamo 2. Eve- Eefa 3. David- Dafidi 4. Jesus – Jesu 5 Satan- Esu. Why? It doesn’t follow the above sequence. Why not Sataani or Devil – Defuu. Let it be known all over the world that our ...

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alaafinofoyo esu is not satan

Alaafin of Oyo confirms #EsuIsNotSatan

All hail the king. Ikú baba yeye, Aláse Ikeji Orisa Alaafia of Oyo. As you can see, our king is holding his own cloth to show the whole world that ÈsùIsNotSatan… What are you waiting for??? Go get your own ...

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