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Happy Ose Ifa to all Ifa devotees globally.

Happy Ose Ifa.

An Odu references all situations, circumstances, actions and consequences in life, based on the innumerable ese (poetic tutorials/recitations) relative to the 256 Odu coding. In other words an Odu is your life path. Each Odu has over 4000 interpretations/verses/stories which pertains to the human being for whom it appears when consulted by a competent Ifa diviner (Babalawo).

Ose Ifa
Happy Ose Ifa

No individual Babalawo knows all the verses in each Odu, but the more a Babalawo learns of each Odu, the more competent he is. This is why an Awo will study Ifa for many years before he becomes independent of his Oluwo, and also a Babalawo if he is wise will continue to learn Ifa until the day he makes his transition.

Holy Odu Ofun Meji (Orangun Meji) says

“B’oja ba tu tan
A ku olorii oja
A ku patepate
A ku awon sanko sanko ale oja
Bifa ba pedi tan
Iwonwo a dide
A dia fun Orunmila,
Ifa nlo f’oju k’Odu l’oke Ikefun.
Nje, mo f’oju k’Odu, emi o ku mo
Mo f’oju k’Odu mo rire

At the end of a market day
Only the coordinator remains.
When Ifa transcends the level of comprehension,
The un-initiated depart.
This was the Divine message for Orunmila
When he was going to perceive Olodumare
In his Almighty Whiteness and Brilliance.
I perceive Odu today
And I achieve spiritual immortality.”

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