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Oluwo of Iwo, Rasheed Akanbi,

How would you React To This supposed ‘IGBAKEJI OOSA’ ?

Yoruba monarch flays worshippers of Sango, other traditional deities

The Oluwo of Iwo, Rasheed Akanbi, has criticised worshippers of traditional gods like Sango, saying there was no basis for such.

The monarch, a Muslim, said this during the National Students Legislative Summit which held on Wednesday at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

He urged Nigerians to prepare to change retrogressive parts of culture which had caused more harm than good to the black race.

“It is wise enough to worship people, who have brought greatness to the community than Sango, Ogun and others. In 21st century, it cannot work.

“Our culture is wicked and that is why many of our deities ask for blood to perfect rituals and sacrifices. It sounds stupid to worship what you feed. We may not produce great people if we continue to worship Sango, a cutlass inventor and we forget to celebrate Innoson car inventors in Aba.”

Mr. Akanbi accused Nigerian leaders of being failures for allowing corruption to thrive as a way of life.

He said the corrupt practices of the leaders are reasons why the country still lacks good roads, stable electricity, adequate water supply and job opportunities.

“Nigeria as a country is richer than Kuwait, Dubai and some other countries, yet we are poorer. The reason for our problem is connected to the selfish interests of our leaders. I will never join the league of kings that hide under corrupt politicians.

“The interest of every black human being is my priority. It is stupidity when we don’t say the truth. Corruption is a killer, it will kill you and I if we don’t fight it now. It is genocidal.”


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  1. Matthew Oluyede

    He is not an Oba. He is a joke

  2. Balogun Adesina

    Do you think this man,,,, a king ???,,

  3. AllCars

    Shoooooo ogbenutan o, igbakeji oosha…. Lemme just keep quite and let our elders do d reply

  4. Omotayo Amire

    He has surely launched the first salvo against culture, tradition especially the sacredness of the throne. Lets wait and see the response from the custodians of this land and its gods.

  5. Treasure Ozioma

    he shd go and lead in Saudi arabia.

  6. Temitayo Adedigba

    Fools drain in their own spit.

  7. Ajayi Modupe

    This is one of consequences we get when money consultation takes lead against divine consultation in the process of choosing an OBA. I know very well the afobaje of the greater IWO will be wallowing in REGRETS by now.

  8. Johnson Chidozie

    Don’t just mind him, he might be saying what he heard from a narrator of divine oracle but it is not for him as a king to voice out such, those orisha are not just people but it means the chosen ones by ori. Awon ti ori sa. They occupy the office of force of nature as shango is of anything of speed of light e.g forces of our modern day speed electronic like computer that represented by flash, like Ogun that has to do with forces of warfare technology, orisanla does with forces of internal body anatomy and blood circulation and surgery, he is just a king with less knowledge of his office, IFA say “onile lo ni aree ajoji o Le mo ESE ile to, ti oba ti mo ESE ile to yio ba ilu je, meaning a stranger cannot tread on landmark if he does everything will go confused. To cut long story short he need to be oriented about divinity. What will he say about Jesus who is the symbol of universal force of peace

  9. Publicist

    Perhaps this is why orisa worship and Ifa is more popular outside of Nigeria than inside. Shameful that such internalized racism and self loathing is paraded in public.

  10. Johnson Chidozie

    Our people fail to understand that IFA is not static, that ifa is a rolling knowledge that has no ending and the applications are as unique as to our modern day rising knowledge and wisdom but the owner of such tradition fail to embrace it, Irosun oyeku said it all in this extract that point out that “Amosun ta Keele eru iya re fun oyinbo, oyinbo ndara amosun n woran mean Keele in that extract means technology and science was sold by Amosun to oyinbo(white man) white man is now performing wonders Amosun is just watching he could not do anything again, Amosun in that extract means the black race. We need to wake up, let embrace our tradition and custom

    • Temitayo Adedigba

      Oyinbos is a term used to include all people of the West, regardless of race. We are not seen as part of the “in group”. The irony is that African castoffs who still value Ifa/orisa are more prosperous than the vast majority of the people back home. We are the tail that wags the dog.

    • Treasure Ozioma

      Temitayo Adedigba Define what “prosperity” means to you, personally, before you can come here to make a boastful ejaculation of nothingness that is well drench in YOUR POVERTY OF THE MIND….

    • Temitayo Adedigba

      Treasure Ozioma I would define poverty as food insecurity (hunger), lack of access to basic medical care, access to electricity and the deliberate denial of people to engage in economic development as means to achieving social equality/economic equality). This is my personal working definition of person who works in economic development and economic policy development for various state and local Governments

    • AfriSmart Shop

      Beeni arosun takeleku Ni FA nje

  11. Ola Mathew

    Perhaps infrastructure should be his principal interest as well as honesty in government. Sticking with these he could create a great & needed legacy. He should not meddle with peoples’ spirituality, as he has no talent or insight in that area.

  12. Babatunde Prince

    The only people to blame are the Kingmakers who sold their conscience.

  13. Babatunde Prince

    Hmm… I don’t think he’s a king because a real king can never talk like that…..Omo Ale….I know they don’t ask Ifa before they choose him as a king just because of bribe….that’s why I said this Nigeria can never be well until they follow the right way……Let watch and see.

  14. BuyBitCoinsInNigeria

    Omg! What is going on with our tradition ? Is this man seeking attention or he’s this crazy in real life ?


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