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Arewa Toni

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Oga Bello àti iyalode Binta Mogaji

Awon agba osere apanilerin meji

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Ifa Initiation: What is “ITEFA” ?

Ifa Initiation “ITEFA” is a process recommended by Olodumare that we should do whenever we want to; 1. reclaim our lost blessing 2. get rid of negativities 3. get in tune with the Universal energies 4. know who we truly ...

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Prof Wande Abimbola

We have taken foreign religion to a level of insanity – Prof. Wande Abimbola

The Awise Agbaye, Prof. Wande Abimbola, tells OLUFEMI ATOYEBI that he did not know his birthday until he became the Vice- Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife How was your childhood experience? I was born in the premises where I live ...

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What is the ethical relationship between a babalawo/iyanifa and the client?

By Prof. Moyo Okediji Is it proper or ethical for the babalawo or iyanifa to sleep with a client, or with a student learning from them? What does Ifa say about that sort of relationship–because there is a power imbalance ...

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oyeku meji

Oyeku Meji

The womb of all learning, Oyeku, the most robust palm tree Wearing sixteen elegant fronds On her face, arranged in eight parallel rows like a stream of sweet water Flowing from the palm wine Of maternal infinities Removing death from ...

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Generalization of Ifa: What is the meaning of this?

Not all messages in Ifa is meant to be generalized. Ifa is mostly personalized for individuals. If the same Odu gave birth to us, that doesn’t mean we have the same destiny and it’s not mandatory that all we do ...

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4 Top Yorùbá Gestures Yoruba Gestures

Top 30 Yorùbá Gestures !!

Certain expressions of human body gestures are understood by every member of  our species. Others exist only in just a local culture and like a verbal language you’ve to discover ways to interpret them correctly. Understanding the basic principles of ...

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E Ba Mi Korin To Ni Itumo

Arun loun t’o tobi Arun loun t’o tobi Obatala ma f’arun de wa mo’le o Arun loun t’o to bi Please sing along with me this meaningful song:- Affliction is a serious matter Sickness is not a joking matter Obatala, ...

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Ekaaro eyin eniyan mi, aojiire bi? Aku isinmi ana o, Olorun eledumare yio jeki aje fi ile wa se ibugbe loni o ase. Odu ifa IROSUN OSE/ALAJE lo gate laaro yi, ifa yi fore aje lopolopo fun akapo ti o ...

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