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Yoruba Fantasy: (WIP) Gbénákarí confronting the Baba Ìsàlẹ̀

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Ọmùtí Gbàgbé Ìṣẹ́ (Ìrònú Ọlọtí)

Ilé ọlọ́ti ni ilé ìtura, ibẹ̀ ni àwọn ọ̀rẹ́ ti npàdé fàájì Ibẹ̀ náà ni àwọn èké, àti ọ̀dàlẹ̀ tin pàdé ara wọn Ti ọti bá wọra tán, ara a sì rọ̀ wọ́n pẹ̀sẹ̀, Ìgbéraga á wá wọ̀ wọ́n lẹ́wù ...

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isese lagba

I stand firm with Isese, What about you?

I keep on wondering how these pastors are fabulously rich establishing private universities here and there and possessing private jets etc. Food for thought 1. Where did Isese( Yoruba traditions) go wrong for foreign ideology to so dominate our lives? ...

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Ifa: Oroororo is the babalawo of Oloro

By Oloye Abifarin A friend came to me who is also a young babalawo, he said he’s new on cast of Ifá for people in diaspora. He told me that he cast Ifá for one of his friend who’s an African ...

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Agganyu orisa

Facts about Orisha Agganyu

Written by Oluwo Fayemiwo Olokun‎ Agganyu also spelled Aganyu, Agganju, Argayú or Agayu Sola) is the orisha of volcanos. He is also the ferryman that helps people cross the river, and some lineages say Aggayú is the orisha of deserts. There ...

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Sun re: Aare Gani Adams Father, Pa Iba Gani Adams pases on

The father of Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruba Land, Iba Gani Adams is dead.  Pa Lamidi Adams who passed on in the early hour of Saturday in a private hospital in Lagos, died at the ripe age of eighty years old. ...

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Afrikan Neocolonial, Petty-Bourgeois Leaders Are Hastily Selling Away Our Motherland. Part 1&2

Truth must be told all the time, the entirety of the Afrikan continent sadly is bereft of her own leaders. At best what we have are surrogates, glove-hand-finger-string puppets, errand boys, and house-slaves. We have no leaders in Afrika but ...

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Bantu Biko

Tributes to great anti-Apartheid warrior: Bantu Biko (18th December, 1946 – 12th September, 1977).

Never too late to honour one of the greatest anti-Apartheid warriors, Stephen Bantu Biko (18th December, 1946 – 12th September, 1977). Steve Biko would have been 72 years old yesterday. The blue-eyed devil-South Afrikan white supremacists killed one of our ...

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Fact of the Century !

‘We must endeavor to study Ifa and start quoting Ifa instead of quoting Shakespeare’ – Omo Oba

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Nabii Tito from Tanzania

Meet prophet Nabii Tito from Tanzania

A friend from Tanzania who wants to remain anonymous just sent me a story of this man of god. Meet prophet Nabii Tito who opened shop in Tanzania and started making money off religious people, a bizarre twist of events ...

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