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Traditionists need 5 public holidays like Christians and Muslims too

The allegations and counter allegations by the two dominant religious body - Muslims and Christians is a worrisome issue that every Nigerian should be concerned about. In this opinion, Aanu Adegun, writes on the need to allow traditionalists have their own holidays if the two religious truly want fairness, equity and justice as they claimed.

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Sun Re O: Alagba The 344 Years Old Tortoise In Ogbomoso, That Has Outlived Many Kings

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So much brilliance in one Video ? (Must watch) #PanAfricanism

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kini oruko kokoro yii

Gege bi Omo Oodua Rere, Nje E Mo Oruko ti won pe kokoro yi ?

Kini Oruko ti won pe kokoro ti o wa ninu aworan oke yii ?

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Awa Omo Oudua Rere: E Da Epa Owe Kan To Ba Oro Aja Lo

Owe Yoruba

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