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China's ban BTC

How to Boycott China’s central Gov. Ban on BTC/Altcoins or ICOs’ Website

In September 2017, China banned both ICOs and cryptocurrency exchanges. Some of these businesses responding by relocating off the mainland to Hong Kong. Now, Sina reports, Chinese government plans to mitigate that by banning domestic and foreign “virtual currency exchange websites.”

Meanwhile, the South China Morning Post news site reported that after the terms, in Chinese, “bitcoin,” “cryptocurrency,” and “ICO” were searched on Chinese search-engine Baidu and microblog Weibo, no paid sponsored content came out alongside the expected organic results.

ICOFinest on its Telegram page wrote:

“If you are in China (Or you know anyone that trades in China) and you want to trade BTC/Altcoins or connect to any Exchange. Please download and use Tor browser. A decentralized browser that boycotts any ban from the central government. Just be careful using it because some hackers can change the exit node thereby changing the wallet address you are sending to. You will need to download an addon to your firefox to spot the hack”.

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Does Tor still work in China?


Bridges change the IP address that your Tor client connects to. Pluggable Transports transform Tor traffic so it looks like something else. For example, Meek-Google looks like you’re going to www.google.com. Meek-Amazon looks like cloud front (Amazons cloud service) and Meek-Azure looks like Microsofts cloud service azure. The OBFS3 and OBFS4 transports make a filter not able to tell what kind of traffic you’re sending. Only problem with those is that you’ll have to get bridges via email because China blocks the default bridges for OBFS. They do not block Meek because they would actually have to block Amazon and Azure, which would cause huge economic problems.

Instead of getting bridges, you should use the Meek pluggable transport. To do this, just run the installer. When it’s done, open the Tor Browser. Then go click Configure. Then when it asks you if your ISP blocks Tor, select yes. Then in the box where it says bridge type, select Meek Amazon or Meek Azure. It doesn’t matter which one you use. Then go through the rest of the setup and connect. It should work. If you try to use regular Tor, the Great Firewall will block it.

For more info: https://www.torproject.org/docs/bridges.html.en#FindingMore



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