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Checkout 5 Ways To Make Money Before & During The World Cup

2. Turn your shop to a free viewing center.
This option requires a step that will take your business to another level during and after the world cup.
Your shop may be a; restaurant, bar, barbing salon, betting shop, electronics shop etc…
What this does is that it brings people that normally do not visit your shop to your shop, exposing to them the products and services you offer which they may not know about. From there they’ll start patronizing you immediately (in the case of restaurant and bar), or later and viola, you’ve gained more customers. In as much as we do not promote betting, we just added it because of some other profitable businesses people may carryout therein.

3. Selling of customized (especially Nigerian) Jersey, mufflers, caps, wrist bands, flags et al
Anyone anywhere can do this once you’re bold and focused not minding if you’re making your sales in your street and any other place. With as low as 10k one can start this biz already even before the world cup proper, targeting; viewing centers, betting shops, and known football fans in your area. Then during the world cup, those areas mentioned above will still be your targeted audience.
Apart from just Nigeria customized as mentioned above, you can as well add countries like Spain, Brazil and Italy, as they have a lot of fans in Nigeria.

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