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Localbitcoins.com trade volume hit new low since its Inception

In the first week of September, we saw Localbitcoins witnessing the best global peer-to-peer trade volume on record for Bitcoin. Data from Coin.dance shows that the clear presence of only six markets seems to represent the pervasion of lowered trading activity with all the Localbitcoin markets.

Localbitcoins are on a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange where customers can purchase and sell Bitcoin. Investors usually make advertisements with the payment method they give and the price. With over 50 various ways to make payment, traders can purchase and sell Bitcoin through this means.

The recent drop in Bitcoin investment has changed into a widespread trend, where merely a several multiple markets tracked by Localbitcoins have posted a volume that will be the same to the standard trading activities in the span of recent weeks.

The info showed by Coin.dance hint that only 860 Bitcoins were traded during the entire week in the month of September on Localbitcoins. In reality, this week is the best before five and a half years, that’s provided that the business enterprise has been retaining information.

This type of dip in the over-the-counter market hasn’t shown itself in 5 years, since the 3rd week in March 2013 where the entire trading number was at around 1990 BTC.

If what this data shows is correct then nearly all Localbitcoin markets had a remarkable decline in the amount of Bitcoin traded in the last week.

It’s worth noting that Venezuela saw a current hyperinflation which appears to have generated an exponential boost in Localbitcoin trades in the country. The weekly purchase volume was 6 trillion bolivares  typically and has boosted to 24 trillion bolivares on the span of days gone by two months.

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