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Yoruba verbs for today

Jókòó= sit downDìde=stand upBẹ̀rẹ̀=crouchKúnlẹ̀=kneel downFò=jumpFòsókè=jump up

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Your culture and tradition are not “demonic” as they portray it…

The culture of reciting lineage praises/cognomen(Oríkì) when a child does something praiseworthy is gradually fading in Yoruba land. We will never be Òyìnbó(English). If we lose this valuable culture we lose ourselves. Never forget your history, culture and tradition. Learn ...

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Odu, Idin Osogbo, Idin ileke, Idin irete

AA Looking at the Odu, Idin Osogbo, Idin ileke, Idin irete, cast for today’s Ose Ifa, I can declare that our detractors shall be put to shame. Just listen as follows:- Won se ko baje Awo AyeKo lee baje Awo ...

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Oriki Olokun

Olokun, orisa that lives in waterShe spreads herself all over the earthOrisa that has no handOrisa that has no legShe uses her power to take your legs out from under youThat makes a small child fall down flatPlease, we beg ...

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osun osogbo sacred grove

Open Letter to the king of Osogbo – Baba Adigun Olosun

I am using this medium to advice the king of Osogbo to stop harassing and threatening me with his people and his so-called police officers. You sent them to my sister’s house to kidnap me and as they could not ...

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Ika logberi won o gboju lila f’Alawo #EsuIsNotSatan

The ignorants are wicked, they don’t want Yoruba Spirituality to prosper. To buttress my point stated above, i would summarize my message (Oro isiti), delivered at our Temple, Indigene Faith of Africa(Ijo Orunmila Ato)Inc on the 29th December 2018 from ...

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Is Esu really Satan? By Babalawo Familusi Awolola

It is alarming to note the level of misinformation that has befallen the Yoruba race in lieu of our inclination towards alien esoteric knowledge.

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Arts of Being a Yoruba

We will, from time to time, pay homage to those who advance Yoruba thoughts with important, ground-breaking contributions. Introducing a book by Dr. Adeleke Adeeko, distinguished professor of African cultures, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. The administrators of the University ...

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A Legend is gone-Professor Sophie Oluwole passes on at

A Legend is gone: Professor Sophie Oluwole passes on at 83

Ooduarere.com reacts to Professor Sophie Oluwole's Death.

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Esu in Yoruba IFA

Between ‘Esu’ and The banker – #EsuIsNotSatan

Discussion on Esu continues. An employed graduate, a Christian, asked his friend, also a graduate but a Babalawo, “why did you quit your good job to serve ‘Esu’ “? The Babalawo answered, ” I get comfort and goodness from ‘Esu’. ...

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