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odu ifa

Stumbles upon this in my library, so I decided to edit and share the wonderful advice of Ifa.

The Ifa’s Ethical Commandments according to Ika-OfunIká funfunA d’ifá fun agbaagba MerindinlogúnThis was Ifa’s message for the 16 Elders.Won n rele lfe won n lo reé toro ogbóThey went to Ile Ife to ask for a long life.Awon le gbo ...

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orun is not heaven

The translation of the “Ọ̀run” as “heaven” is totally misleading – Prof. Moyo Okediji‎

It turns an indigenous Oòduà (Yoruba) concept upsidedown into an Abrahamic tradition of “heaven” and “hell.” The Christians and Moslems attempted to distort the Oòduà (Yoruba) language to serve their various needs, once they translated Orun to heaven. This is ...

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Isefa, Itefa, Idafa, Ise Ifa/Akose.

About Isefa, Itefa, Idafa, Ise Ifa/Akose.

Isefa is to receive one hand of Ifa. This only happens if due to one reason or the other, the person could not be initiated at that present time and it’s important for such person to have Ifa at that ...

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Singer #SoundSultan Declares Ede Oodua (Yoruba) As The official Language In His House.

Singer SoundSultan reveals why he declared Ede Oodua (Yoruba Oodua Language) as the official language in his house . The Oduduwa super star shared the picture above on his IG profile and captioned it with “I JUST REALISED WHILE I WAS FULFILLING THIS BIG ...

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Feliz Ojo’se Òòsà.

Ẹ̀là mo yìn bọrú.Ẹ̀là mo yìn bọyè.Ẹ̀là mo yìn bọ’ṣíṣẹ. Feliz Ojo’se Òòsà. Òlódumarè les bendiga y que la luz de Obàtálá ilumine sus vidas, hoy en este día de veneracion a los Òrìsàs funfun y a nuestro linaje ancestral ...

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Amala Festival to hold in Lagos

Amala festival 2019 set to hold in Lagos

The city of Lagos is waiting patiently to host the very first edition of an annual Food Festival tagged: ‘Amala Festival 2019.’ The festival is directed at bringing together local food vendors, food cafes, restaurant and fresh food outlets under ...

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esu js not satan

Èşù no es Satanás..#EsuIsNotSatan

¡Atrás! Aprecio la oración y las palabras de aliento en los últimos días. Decidí tomarme un tiempo fuera de este espacio. Solo tenía que tomar algunas decisiones difíciles en la vida y trabajar en algunos proyectos que han estado postergando ...

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Petition: Protecting Yorùbá Heritage. Say NO to second enslavement of Yorùbá by the Xtian Missionary

CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION According to Yorùbá cosmology.  Ilé-Ifẹ̀ is the cradle of humanity where qualities of being a human is clearly defined and the phrase Ọmọ-tí-Olú-ìwà-bí summarizes it all.  The Ọmọlúàbí is a Yorùbá philosophical and cultural ...

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Ase !

Ase ! Orisa has spoken !  Àṣẹ́ o Ase wa

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