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Yoruba Festival

Mooko-mooka: Akoto ede Yoruba

Mooko-mooka: Akoto ede Yoruba Ni abala mooko-mooka ose yii, akoto ede Yoruba ni a maa gbe yewo. Akoto je ona ti n gba ko ede Yoruba sile laye ode-oni. Eleyii to yato si ti aye atijo.   Aye Atijo Aye ...

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nuclear plant

Ever Wonder How a Nuclear Plant Makes low-cost and efficient Electricity ? (Video)

Ever wonder how a nuclear plant like Watts Bar makes low-cost electricity? The heat created by nuclear fission is captured and used to create steam. The steam is used to turn a series of large turbines connected to a huge ...

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Ifa Orisa beads

Ifa/Orisa beads !

I have seen lot of people that believe Ifa/Orisa beads are meant for fashion. Some people even used the bead only in their house but when they are going to somewhere important, they will remove it and put it in ...

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Check out Top 5 Sports Personalities Making Nigeria Proud

Nigeria is a sports loving country. This can be observed during the weekends when people in cities like Lagos, Kano and Port Harcourt flood various stadiums and bars to watch the English premiership and other local and international sports tourneys. ...

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Onka ede Yoruba 100 – 20,000

Orisun  Onka ede Yoruba 100-Ọgọrun 110- Adọfa, àádọ́fà 120- Ọgọfa 130- Aadoje 140- Ogoje 150- Adọjọ, àádọ́jọ 160-Ọgọjọ 170-Adọsan, àádọ́sán 180- Ọgọsan 190-Mẹwadinigba 200-Igba E tesiwaju ni isale lẹhin iwe Bireki yii (Continue after the page break bellow)

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Naija Students

Checkout top 5 Things You Need To Survive In The Real World As A Nigerian Graduate

This article is dedicated to students who are still in high school, and undergraduates in the higher institutions learning. For those who are privileged to have access to formal education, there is this long time belief that higher education would ...

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ethnolinguistic lines-Map-of-Nigeria

Why #Nigeria should be rearranged along Ethnolinguistic lines

By Ifa Dare NGR youths often ask me why I think NGR should be rearranged along ethnolinguistic lines. But what I’ve come to realize is that those who consistently ask me this question do not understand the nature of reality. Fundamentally, ...

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Must Read: 5 Exciting Things to do in Anambra

The enchanting feel of rustic lifestyle is the allure that drives tourists and visitors to Anambra, a state in southeast Nigeria with a wealthy heritage, charming landscapes and grounded culture. These fun attractions revolve around Awka – the state capital, Onitsha, and Nnewi. ...

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Interesting !! How To Become A Qualified Babaalawo (Ifa chief Preist) Or Iyanifa (Ifa Preistes)

By Obanifa Today I prefer to talk on how to become a qualified babalawo(ifapreist).many people who claim to be preist will after reading this article will know wether they are qualified babalawo (father of mysteries and secret or they are ...

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Yoruba Customs & Beliefs Pertaining to Ojo Isegun (Tuesday) in relation to your Star

Source In yoruba culture and spirituality it is believed that the day you were day of the weeks have certain effects, either positive and negative on the activities or star of human beings. Hence they warn that there certain day ...

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