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eko akete

‘Ogunda Irete’ – is the holy Odu of Ifa that gave birth to ‘Eko’ – Lagos Island.

Festivals that focus on cultural or ethnic topics also seek to inform community Members of their traditions; the involvement of elders sharing stories and experiences provides a means for unity among the general public. According to Ifadumoye Awotunde Ajanaku, the ...

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An Apetebi is the name given to wife of Orunmila. It is also the name Orunmila gave to the wife of a Babalawo. In the Odu Ifa Ogbe Sa, Ifa gives the story of how the Apeeibi became the wife ...

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egbe orun

EGBERUN (Heaven Mate )

Egbe (Egg-beh) is a Yoruba word, which literally means society or groups.   Egbe Orun (Orun means heaven), is our spirit group or companions associated with us from heaven. Here, “Heaven” means from which ever realm you lived within the ...

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Our Afrocentric teachers’ claim about slave trade

It’s a very untrue notion to suggest that Portuguese traders sailed the tiring distance to force Africans into slavery! Our Afrocentric teachers would claim Africans were innocently captured into slave ships but the itsekiri have a good story-telling history and perhaps ...

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The truth about IFA.

IFA is the sacred message of Olodumare in the beginning of creation, which is still in existence. IFA is the body of knowledge, where knowledge of the entire universe is encoded. ORUNMILA is the premier prophet sent by Olodumare to ...

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Araba Ifayemi Elebuibon

Unbeknownst to Ooni of Ife’s ‘Olori’ who says “women should stay in their lanes”

A significant number of Yorubas seem to believe that women are meant to take the back seat at all times and as the Ooni of Ife’s ‘Olori’ erroneously suggested: “women should stay in their lanes”c. Unbeknownst to her or due ...

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Not Everyone Can Read This, can you ?

Cna yuo raed tihs ?

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“Passive Jesus is not godly behavior, but a tool of enslavement” – #FactsOnly

“Passive Jesus is not godly behavior, but a tool of enslavement. Godly behavior is being assertive like Ogun.” While enslavement of a body can last a short while, it will never endure unless enslavement of the mind takes hold. For this ...

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Ekú ọdún tuntun 10,058

The Yoruba scholar Remi-Niyi Alaran teaches that the Yoruba have a distinctive calendar (Kojoda, which means “may the day be foreseen”). The new year begins on the third day of the month of Okodu (June 3). This means tomorrow will ...

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There is only one Supreme Being: Olodumaré.

Olodumaré is made up of various divine phenomena we call Orisa that make up both the intangible and tangible universe. IFA: Yoruba Scientific Spirituality explains that since human beings are a microcosm of the macrocosm which is the Supreme Being, ...

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