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Buy A Tablet

Interesting Reasons To Still Buy A Tablet

  Many people would have you believe that you don’t need a tablet anymore, that everything you use a tablet for can be done just as well or better with another device. So, if you have a tablet and have ...

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SitRep: SPACE and the Double Helix (a briefing)

GLONASS + Beidou Satellite Systems are to be joined as a unitary global navigation satellite system.It will cover well beyond Russia and China, as it will be the Eurasian satellite system. Of course, both are global systems tuned heavily to ...

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MiG 29Ks

Video: Russia’s MiG 29Ks Do Wonders in Artic Conditions!

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speed test

Nigerian Develops App To Speed Up Browsers

How fast is your network speed? Are you using the best phone and Internet service in your area? With #GoSpeedApp you can know the fastest network to use even in the remotest part of the world. Google play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ifemwireless.gospeed&hl=en iTunes ...

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Fuxing high-speed train

China Tests New High-Speed Train (VIDEO)

The new train has twice as many carriages as its existing counterparts, and is capable of carrying 1,100 passengers. Currently, a longer Fuxing high-speed train is undergoing tests in Beijing. With a designed speed of 350 kilometers per hour, the new train measures 415 ...

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Snowden launches spy-blocking smartphone app

A new app developed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden promises to harness the surveillance power of your smartphone and turn it into a tiny security system to physically guard your data.

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Video: New technology in China turns desert into land rich with crops

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How to Delete Your Browsing History Permanently On Google.

How to Delete Your Browsing History Permanently On Google.

Google monitor your online activities, keeping record of every websites you’ve ever visited when logged in and even keeping record of that junk site you are secretly browsing including dating sites and porn sites. Google is not just a search ...

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Wi-fi To Be Replaced By Li-fi Soon

The Chinese scientists attended closer to produce a quicker wireless communication channel that might be accessible within the next six years. They’ve made progress in creating full-color emissive carbon dots (F-CDs). LiFi or Light Fidelity transfer data at a rapid ...

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Crazy science experiments you should try!

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