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dollar ban

Nigeria’s Foreign Debt Per Capital Income is $235‬?

Today, the Nigerian Senate approved General Buhari’s $22 billion loan request. It will push our foreign debt to $47 billion. Buhari is 77 (so he claims). It is you and your children that will repay it! But let me ask ...

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Ecowas passport

IMMIGRATION: France, Germany, Canada, UAE,186 Other Countries Relax Visa Requirements For Nigeria

Barely hours after Fareed Zakaria of CNN analysed, that Nigerian immigrants are highly skilled, English speaking immigrants, the Nigerian passport value suddenly skyrocketed as countries including Canada, Britain, Germany, France, China,

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italy corona virus

Italy Has Spread Coronavirus To 11 Countries So Far (info Graphic)

Coronavirus may have been in Italy for weeks before it was detectedTest results worry experts as new cases emerge in Nigeria, Mexico and New Zealand How the coronavirus has spread from ItalyUK Buxton and Burbage, Derbyshire Primary school and GP ...

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Iranian Vice-President Contracts Coronavirus – Reports

LAGOS (Ooduarere) – Iran has 245 confirmed cases of infection with the COVID-19 disease, including 26 virus-associated deaths. The Islamic Republic’s deputy health minister tested positive for the virus earlier this week. The Iranian vice president for women and family ...

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foreign gist

Man Kidnaps “Racist” Woman, Forces Her To Watch Program On Slavery

African American man kidnaps a white woman and forces her to watch nine-hour slavery documentary “Roots” to ‘understand her racism’ An African American man kidnapped a white woman and forced her to watch nine-hour slavery documentary Roots so she could ...

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abacha loot

US Trolls Naija, Threatens To Withdraw $308 Abacha Loot if it is re-stolen again.

The United States Government has warned that it will recover the over $308million looted and stashed abroad by former Head of State, the late Gen Sani Abacha, if it is re-stolen in Nigeria.

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This is Awesome: Orangutan Reaches Out Hand To Rescue Man Stuck In A River In Asia (Photos)

Orangutan Reaches Out Hand To Rescue Man Stuck In A River In Asia

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Mr Jollof asks ‘Donald Trump to Deport All Nigerians Living In US’

“President #donaldtrump should please deport All Nigerians living In USA back home” – Mr Jollof Says!!! Lol, this comedian is very funny. If he’s giving US or CANADA visa today, he will port to those countries. Funny man. Watch the interesting video ...

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chinese visa ban

China Places Visa Ban On Nigerians Over Coronavirus

Chinese government has placed a visa ban on Nigerians.. What do u think

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corona virus

Coronavirus: Dead Man Lying On The Street Of Wuhan In China (Pictures)

Dead in the streets: Appalling sight of man's body on the pavement lays bare the crisis in coronavirus ground zero Wuhan

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