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iya lorisa

See where to buy Items like Opon Ifa, Books, African Fabric, Orisa beads and others

Look no farther for your African Spiritual Items like Opon Ifa, Books, African Fabric, Art works, Orisa beads, Traditional Songs, Brass items, Kolanut, Spiritual Item…Ancestral Vision presents…..all at affordable prices…IRE O!!! Ifa staff(Iroke Ifa) and Ifa divination tray(Opon Ifa) at ...

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Ahora puedes finalmente tomar la decisión que pone fin a una situación hostil y desfavorable. Ten presente que para ti será suficiente con dar el primer paso, el resto vendrá por sí solo. Toma esta oportunidad y corrige una vez ...

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Dafa in the morning

Photo credit; Bàbáláwò Ifadahunsi Ifakorede  

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opon ifa

My new Opon for medicine 20 cm

Photo credit: Bàbáláwò Ifadahunsi Ifakorede    

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Photos: Prayers At Shekarau’s home To Destroy Buhari’s Government ?

As per this Facebook user: obviously prayers are presently going ahead at shekarau’s compound as we speak. As seen on Facebook: Live @ShekarauHouse…… This is a congregation prayers in Shekarau house looking for God to pulverize the administration of Buhari for ...

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Today’s Sunday Service: Sermon by Babalawo Ifadayo Sangotayo

Lesson – Babalawo used his story as sermon for us. He explained how he started over 6years ago when his ex-wife told him to go look for job and move away from Ifa. He casted Ifa about it but still ...

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orisa festival

Orìsà festival scheduled for 2nd, 3rd and 4th of June 2016,

ÀBORÚ ÀBOYÈ TO ALL IFÁ/ÒRÌSÀ PRACTITIONERS WORLDWIDE… As this year’s World Ifa/Orìsà festival is fast approaching which is scheduled for 2nd, 3rd and 4th of June 2016, As preparations are ongoing by individuals from different sectors of the organising committee, ...

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Egugu festival in Brooklyn, NY on May 22, 2016.

Omoniyi and Ojeseyi masquerades of Ode Remo, Nigeria, will be there. This is a community event. Come out and bring your family to connect with the ancestors.

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Yoruba Festival

Owonrin Sika explains the significance of Women which can not be over-emphasized

The significance of women in Yoruba Religion can not be over-emphasized. .Listen to this from Owonrin Sika(Owonrin Ojo Ose);- Owonrin Wokawoka Adifa fun Orunmila ti nlore gbe Ojose niyawo Ifa wa fun wa lowo Ose ta wa, oni lojo Ose. Ifa ...

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difference Irunmole and Orisa

Irunmole Vs Orisa: What is the difference between Irunmole and Orisa ?

There are differences between the two. Irunmole are the servants of Olodumare that She sent to teach us how to live good life and how to know how to follow Olodumare wishes on earth. We are following and worshiping them. ...

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