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Odu Ifa Ogunda Meji

Sacred Odu Ifa Ogunda Meji: For those of us that love to learn from Ifa

Let us all sit back and relax while i share this story with us in Sacred Odu Ifa Ogunda Meji. The story goes thus: Continue after the page break

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T.B Joshua

T.B Joshua: Drops Video To Prove He Foretold The Brussels Attack

Talking about a ‘French nation’ in his season of predictions on Sunday 31st January 2016, the man said, “They need to fix their security; it’s not yet over. These insidious individuals are in the town. Watch the video after the ...

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What Is Wrong With This Photo? (God’s Query Poster Version)

Miracle church Supernatural occurrence church in Ondo asks god ”Am I A Man?” in amusing church publication Sotitobire Miracle Center is welcoming all of you. See the full pic when you continue aftr the page break

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Why must Spiritualist suffer when they have the power to end suffering ?

“SPIRITUALISTS have everything in abundance but yet they are not the richest; They have the supernatural powers to manifest the impossible but yet they are the most simplest; Their metaphysical dominion over all existing beings makes them Supreme in all ...

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ifa verse

WOw!!! What is Ifa? (Must See)

“What is Ifa? Ifa is you Ifa is me Ifa is word Ifa is world Ifa is now Ifa was yesterday Ifa is today Ifa is tomorrow Ifa is life Ifa is way Ifa is knowledge Ifa is warning Ifa ...

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Yemoja is River

Yemoja is River, the essence of Motherhood, Mother Nurturer, Mother Of All Orisas And A Protector Of Children….‪ #‎Yemoja‬# ‪#‎Priestess‬# #‪#‎Proudly‬ Olorisa# ‪#‎Crown‬ Orisa#… Eeepa Omi Ooooo! Iyalorisa Omitonade Ifawemimo‎

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Sango Is The god Of Thunder & Lightning

He is Known As the Greatest Of Warrior Kings And A Lover Of Truth And Justice Who Mercilessly Punishes The Thieves And Liars. He Is A Great Dancer And Lover Of Music…Kabiyesi Sango O!!! ‪#‎Sango‬ Olukoso# ‪#‎Oko‬ Oya# ‪#‎Irunmole‬# ‪#‎Orisa‬# ...

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What is Etutu ? (Must Read)

Etutu is a great word, it has been define variously by various Ifa scholars. Etutu is the food of mind, today we cast and make sacrifice same day make babalawo’s one come to pass more than unbelievers, the way we make ...

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The Alaafin(s) of Oyo: Iku baba yeye alase keji Orisa.

REIGNS OF THE ALAAFINS OF OYO and SOME HISTORICAL MARKS   892 Oranyan – Oyo-Ile was found 1042 Ajaka Dada 1077 Tella Oko –known as Sango Afonja 1137 Ajaka 1177 Aganju Sola 1300 Kori – Osogbo and Ede were found ...

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osun shrine

Photos: Olofin Ifagite Aderomokun Raul at osun Osogbo shrine.

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