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Indeed, motherhood is divine.. Yemoja ye ye ye! Yemoja o!

To see her is to be fulfilled. To know her is to be loved. She is the nurturing mother who supports her children with tenderness. Indeed, motherhood is divine! Some of us have lost our mothers too soon and we ...

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Yoruba Festival

WOW Photos!! Top 50 Colourful Photos Celebrating The River Goddess Osun Festival 2015

Photographs by Ife Martins Held each year in a sacrosanct woodland on the edges of the southern Nigerian city of Osogbo, the Osun-Osogbo, Osun Festival is a two-week-long festival of the Yoruba river goddess Oshun. The celebration, which starts with a ...

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Esu in Yoruba IFA

Christianity and Hypocrisy !

When they did not find name for SATAN in Yoruba language, they vicious renamed it and gave it the title of one of our deity ESU. They are not the same. They had name for AMEN in Yoruba language which ...

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David Oyedepo

So Bishop Oyedepo Is The Only Nigerian That Pays Billions For Private Tarmac @MMA ?

Saying that Bishop David Oyedepo is a billionaire or saying he is stupendously rich is like saying that Nigeria is a country in a continent called Africa, meaning it is an obvious fact!  A lot of people who have been ...

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Hajj: Nigerians Won’t Stone Devil Again – Sanusi.

  Nigeria’s Amirul Hajj and Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammad Sanusi II, on Friday night said Nigerians will no longer take part in the stoning of devil ritual, unless  they get accommodation near Jamrat, where the activity will happen. The Emir’s response took ...

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IFA QUIZ: Aboru ‘Boye o!

What wonderful bird builds her nest downside up? What is the Yoruba name of the bird? What Odu Ifa talked about the bird? Ire o.

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The verses of Ifa and how to recite them !

“You can be knowledgable with another man’s knowledge but you can never be wise with another man’s wisdom” Knowing the verses of Ifa and how to recite them is knowledge, to know how to interprets them is wisdom. So use ...

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A bit about the concept of Egungun festivals

Ará Ọ̀run kìn-ìn-kin-in: “There are no people without traditions and traditions are the lifeblood of a people. A people who refuse to express its love and appreciation for its ancestors will die because in traditions, if you are not expressing ...

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fake pastor

What is wrong with this Photo ? (Women Pastor Version)

This was spotted in Benin this morning… What type of Anti-Women campaign is that one ? This is why I love Yoruba Traditional religion. There are even women Irunmole like Yemoja and so on. Meanwhile Irunmole cannot be compared to Pastors. ...

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Babalorisa Paulo

Babalorisa Paulo: Meet The finest Babalawo In The World (Photos)

His name is Babalorisa Paulo Tyomolu. He practices the “Yoruba” Religion. Yes, Yoruba cool Furthermore, he is one of the Flyest you will ever see. This is not a motion picture or nollywood film !  While our Yoruba graduates are ...

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