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fake pastor

What is wrong with this Photo ? (Women Pastor Version)

This was spotted in Benin this morning… What type of Anti-Women campaign is that one ? This is why I love Yoruba Traditional religion. There are even women Irunmole like Yemoja and so on. Meanwhile Irunmole cannot be compared to Pastors. ...

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Babalorisa Paulo

Babalorisa Paulo: Meet The finest Babalawo In The World (Photos)

His name is Babalorisa Paulo Tyomolu. He practices the “Yoruba” Religion. Yes, Yoruba cool Furthermore, he is one of the Flyest you will ever see. This is not a motion picture or nollywood film !  While our Yoruba graduates are ...

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Who Is An Infidel ? – By Steven Akuma

WHO IS AN INFIDEL? We were told by the Christian Missionaries that an Unbeliever (Infidel) is one who does not follow the teachings of Christ. We were also told by the Invading Islamic Jihadists that Infidels are those who do ...

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Happy Eid-El-Kabir 2015 To All Our Dearest Ooduarere Muslim Readers

To our dearest Ooduarere Muslim readers: Today is Eid-el-Kabir, an Islamic celebration committed to the soul’s festival of spirit and Allah’s unfailing kindheartedness to humankind. The dining experience honors Prophet Ibrahim’s readiness to relinquish his child, Ismael, and Allah’s procurement ...

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saudi arabia

The Devil stoned back as Some 600 Muslims Killed & Injured While Trying To “Stone The Devil” In Saudi Arabia Hajj?

More than 200 individuals have kicked the bucket and 390 injured in Saudi Arabia after a stampede of pioneers at the desert plain of Mina, close to the heavenly city of Mecca. The scene occurred as around 2 million individuals touched base ...

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Checkout Pics Of Pastor E Adeboye’s New Private Jet

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Ifa University: What’s the importance of culture’ & ‘tradition’, to a modern man ?

Do you know that one Akinfenwa Sunday Muyiwa, a member of group Ifa University, asks: “Of what use is this so called ‘culture’ and ‘tradition’, to a modern man, who lives and dreams technology? Can the believe in them bring ...

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Pastor Gave Fake Prophecy That crashed My Marriage Of 10 Years

Pastor Chuks Mbamalu from Nnewi who is the GO of New Dominion Salvation Outreach Ministry In Salvation Army Str Okafa Isolo who pic is appended gave fake predictions to my wife who is currently ex and is presently being seen ...

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Marketing Strategy: Church Offers Free Beer During Sunday Service To Attract New Members

A church, in a bid to draw in new congregant, is currently giving out free Beer during church services. The East Side Church of Tulsa welcomed the general public for brew surprisingly a week ago. A representative told correspondents that the ...

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Can any Babalawo (Ifa Chief Priest) please explain the Odu Irosun Irete?

Quadrants of the Opon : Ilé Dafa Any Babalawo  please !!   ~Mansa Bilali Muhammad Mansaray

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