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Overview Of The Yoruba 'a-ko-ti-le-ta' Sydrome And Biblical Prodigal Concept Of Life

Overview Of The Yoruba ‘a-ko-ti-le-ta’ Sydrome And Biblical Prodigal Concept Of Life:

Therefore, the erroneous believed among all and sundry that the Prodigal Son sells family treasures to an outsider and fitters away the money was a mere fallacy. On a serious note, how does one becomes a complete MAN or experienced Person, if he has never wander in life?

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Sixteen Great Poems of Ifa  by Wande Abimbola

When Poetry Begins on the Back Stoop

There was a day when trials, pain and that raw hurt would shake you to the core of your very being. Then, you would hear this song playing on the wind, languishing with incense from the apartment building next door on ...

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Ejila-Asebora (Odu from Erindinlogun with the Oriki).

Ejila is the 12th sign in the Erindinlogun oracle of the olorisa ,it is regarded as one of the hot throws and once it comes out ,the olorisa will have to do a brief ritual The Ase of the odu is ...

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The great fraud of National Zionism

There is no doubt that the 9/11 false flag (now even admitted (by direct implication) by NIST!) was a watershed, a seminal event in our history. While millions (or even billions) watched in horror as the twin towers burned, a small group of Mossad agents stood nearby and danced in overwhelming joy.

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Prostate Gland and its effect on Men Must Read and apply, esp. the part on diet.

Prostate Gland and its effect on Men: Must Read and apply, esp. the part on diet.

A useful talk on Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) or in simple terms, Enlarged Prostate. Diet is the most important part of this talk which is something within our control; and it works. FULL TEXT OF PROSTATE HEALTH AWARENESS LECTURE Gentlemen, ...

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A Yellow Vest protester wearing a mask depicting the French President on which is written the word 'psycho' looks at fellow protesters in Paris on March 16, 2019, during the 18th consecutive Saturday of demonstrations called by the 'Yellow Vest' (gilets jaunes) movement. - Demonstrators hit French city streets again on March 16, for a 18th consecutive week of nationwide protest against the French President's policies and his top-down style of governing, high cost of living, government tax reforms and for more "social and economic justice." (Photo by Alain JOCARD / AFP)

Inside the Yellow Vests: What the Western media will not report

 by Ollie Richardson for Ooduarere.com Disclaimer: if you think that Soros/Russia/America/Illuminati is behind the Yellow Vests or some other batsh*t nonsense, then please stop here. This article isn’t for you. Cat videos on YouTube are maybe more appropriate. While the ...

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Igi Agùnmáàníyè

Agùnmáàníyè ni orúkọ igi yìí, a sì máa ń lo ewée rẹ̀ fi pa kòkòrò bíi ẹ̀fọn, ìdun àti ajẹlójú-ońlé. Pẹ̀lú èyí, a kò nílò oògùn ẹ̀fọn ìgbàlódé tí ó ń ṣe àkóbá fún ìlera ara wa tí à ń ...

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Bernando LaPallo

114 Year Old Man reveals top 5 Foods That Kept Him Young

Everyone wants to remain young, but unfortunately, life span in the Nigeria declined in 2017 for since World War I. Generally speaking, life span has been on the rise, but that doesn’t indicate the standard of living has increased with ...

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Ilé Ọ̀rìsà!!!

Ilé Ọ̀rìsà!!!

That’s what an admire called the Òyẹ̀kú Méjì suite at the Àkòdì Òrìṣà. She used the Ile Ife dialect, Ilé Ọ̀rìsà. It is different from the Oyo dialect of Ilé Òrìṣà.  But it is absolutely appropriate that it is called ...

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AfriShop Wire Transfer Sending Smart Money to Nigeria Free of Charg

AfriShop Wire Transfer: Send Smart Money to Nigeria Free of Charge

If you want to send smart money online to Nigeria or any foreign nation then try using a money transfer service. When sending money overseas or to another country you are most likely sending it to a certain person or even a company.

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