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Naira (NGN) Trading pair becomes the first FIAT on Binance

Binance Set to add 180 FIAT Currencies to the Exchange

At the Binance super meetup in Singapore, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, announced his goal for the next six to nine months is to onboard the rest of the 180 fiat currencies to the exchange, as reported by Micky, November ...

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History Of Oshodi, Eko (Lagos)

The history of Lagos cannot be complete without making reference to the exploits of the legendary Chief Balogun Landuji Oshodi Tapa.For those who are not in the know, Oshodi Tapa was a little boy from the North (Nupe descent) who ...

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orun is not heaven

The translation of the “Ọ̀run” as “heaven” is totally misleading – Prof. Moyo Okediji‎

It turns an indigenous Oòduà (Yoruba) concept upsidedown into an Abrahamic tradition of “heaven” and “hell.” The Christians and Moslems attempted to distort the Oòduà (Yoruba) language to serve their various needs, once they translated Orun to heaven. This is ...

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The Independent Ukraine’s painful journey through the five stages of grief

[this article was written for the Unz Review] In my July 25th article “Zelenskii’s dilemma” I pointed out the fundamental asymmetry of the Ukrainian power configuration following Zelenskii’s crushing victory over Poroshenko: while a vast majority of the Ukrainian people clearly ...

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Isefa, Itefa, Idafa, Ise Ifa/Akose.

About Isefa, Itefa, Idafa, Ise Ifa/Akose.

Isefa is to receive one hand of Ifa. This only happens if due to one reason or the other, the person could not be initiated at that present time and it’s important for such person to have Ifa at that ...

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natasha apkoti

Yahaya Bello Tries to Intimidate Natasha Akpoti

An act of Thuggery reported in Kogi allegedly perpetrated by the incumbent governor of the state. Reports reaching us claimed that Yahaya Bellos’s Thugs denied another potential governor of the state, Natasha Akpoti entry into Stakeholders meeting organized by INEC. ...

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Ọrẹ Fálọmọ , Irúnmọlẹ̀ Ìṣègùn Tó Dáńtọ́ Nínú Ìràn Oòduà(Yorùbá) Wọ Káàlẹ̀ Lọ

Ọrẹ Fálọmọ , irúnmọlẹ̀ ìṣègùn tó dáńtọ́ nínú ìràn Oòduà(Yorùbá) wọ káàlẹ̀ lọ Fẹ́mi Akínṣọlá Hùn! Báakú làá dère,èèyàn ò sunwọ̀n láàyè. Ni báyìí, gbogbo ọmọ Oòduà(Yorùbá) ló tí ń sun rárà ọlọ́kan ọ̀ jọ̀kan lẹ́yìn in Dókítà Ọrẹ Fálọmọ ...

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Àjọ àgùnbánirọ̀

O lè wọ sòkòtò tó tóbi, ṣùgbọ́n kò sí ààyè fún yẹ̀rì,láti sìnrúùlú …Àjọ àgùnbánirọ̀. (NYSC)

O lè wọ sòkòtò tó tóbi, ṣùgbọ́n kò sí ààyè fún yẹ̀rì,láti sìnrúùlú …Àjọ àgùnbánirọ̀. (NYSC) Fẹ́mi Akínṣọlá Ọ̀gá àgbà fún àjọ àgùnbánirọ̀ lórilẹ̀-èdè Nàìjíríà, Brig. Shuaibu Ibrahim ti sàlàyé fún akọ̀ròyìn pé ààyè wà fún àgùnbánirọ̀ tó bá fẹ́ ...

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China, Bolivia and Venezuela are proof that social democracy cannot thrive in the global capitalist order

By Jeff J. Brown for Ooduarere via The Saker Blog Crosslinked with: https://chinarising.puntopress.com/2019/11/16/china-bolivia-and-venezuela-are-proof-that-social-democracy-cannot-thrive-in-the-global-capitalist-system-china-rising-radio-sinoland-191116/ https://youtu.be/ngJxuqdZ8SI https://soundcloud.com/44-days/china-bolivia-and-venezuela-prove-that-social-democracy-cant-thrive-in-the-global-capitalist-order Pictured above: The US orchestrated coup in Bolivia is being led by White supremist, fascist, Christian fundamentalists, just the type of jackbooted brown shirts the ...

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