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Àwọn Yèyélórìṣà, Akirè Shrine Ilé Ifẹ̀, 2003.

Àwọn Yèyélórìṣà, Akirè Shrine Ilé Ifẹ̀, 2003.

Pitcture was taken by Prof. Moyo Okediji‎ in 2003, he returned to find the group in 2015. But for the two women at the extreme left, all the others had transitioned.

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Trump war BTC

War on BTC users,Traders, Merchants and Brokers Continue as JPMorgan puts pressure on South African banks to close crypto exchange accounts.

A source told ITWeb the bank will soon close digital currency-related accounts, following in the footsteps of First National Bank (FNB).

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Cancer prevention

20 Cancer-fighting vegetables

The Cancer Prevention Research Institute of the State Council announces a ranking of cancer-fighting vegetables: Continue afteer the page break

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one of localbitcoins blocked account

Exit Scam: Localbitcoins (LBC) suspends thousands of ‘perceived 3rd world countries’ at the heist of ‘1st world’

BBNB recently shared the news about Localbitcoins mass NG Traders account block. it turns out other 20 country wallets were also disabled. Localbitcoins has been many people go to place to sell and buy

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Samuel Ortom

Ilé-ẹjọ́ Tó Ga Jù Ní Samuel Ortom Náà Ló Tún Jáwé Olúborí Ní Benue

Ilé-ẹjọ́ tó ga jù ní Samuel Ortom náà ló tún jáwé olúborí ní BenueLáti ọwọ Yínká Àlàbí Iroyin yajoyajo to wole bayii lo n jeri sii bi ile ejo to ga ju lo to fi ikale si ilu Abuja se ...

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Governor Seyi Makinde

Ìjọba Àpapọ̀ Kò Gbẹ́sẹ̀lẹ̀ Lé Owó Tó Tọ́ Sáwọn Ìjọba Ìbílẹ̀ L‘ọyọ

Lórí ọ̀rọ̀ kan tó gbà gboro kan pé àgbẹjọrò àgbà orilẹ̀-èdè Naijiria, Abubakar Malami ti pàṣẹ fún gómìnà ìpínlẹ̀ Oyo láti gba àwọn alága káńṣù ti wọ́n yọ nípò pada, Ìjọba Ọyọ ti fèsì lórí ìṣẹ̀lẹ̀ náà.

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Asiwaju Sí Aso̩ Lójú Eégún “Operation Àmò̩té̩kùn” Láti O̩wò̩ Yínká Àlàbí

Asiwaju Bola Ahmmed Tinubu to je asiwaju agba ninu egbe oselu APC ni gbogbo aye ti n wa kiri lati ojo ti Abubakar Malami ti ni idasile Amotekun ko ba ofin mu.

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gani adams

Don’t Say Oodua (Yoruba) Land Including Lagos Is No Man’s Land – Are Ona Kakanfo Says.

*”AMOTEKUN GOLDEN RULES* Don’t kidnap a single Oodua (Yoruba)… Don’t kill a single Oodua (Yoruba) … Dont kill non-Yoruba on Yoruba soil Dont kidnap non- Oodua (Yoruba) on Oodua (Yoruba) soil Don’t destroy the farmlands of Ooduas (Yorubas) Don’t open ...

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10 Best Foods For Your Eyes And Eye Health

Diet also plays an important role in eye health. According to the American Optometric Associationand the American Academy of Ophthalmology, consuming foods with lutein, zeaxanthin, omega-3 fatty acids, beta carotene, zinc,

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Mikhail Mishustin

Could this (finally!) be the end for the Atlantic Integrationists?

[This analysis was written for the Unz Review] By now we all have heard the news, the entire Russian government has resigned and a new Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin, has been appointed.  And we also know that the Internet has exploded ...

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