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“Let’s allow Buhari make Nigeria great again!” OAP Freeze

Nigerians have a history of voting people into office and not letting them work ~FRZ.
I remember quite clearly the jubilation on the streets of Lagos, when president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was voted into office in 2011, that joy however, was short lived, because in 2012, less than a year later, he became one of the most insulted presidents ever, for the proposed deregulation of petroleum products he wanted to carry out.
Our lack of foresight prevented us from seeing that the proposed price we greatly opposed back then, is the same price we warmly embraced recently. I remember with much clarity, the #OccupyNigeria some Nigerian celebrity clowns carried on their heads like gala, one of the noble intentions of which, was to remove the fuel subsidy, which was one of the biggest and most elaborate corruption schemes in Nigeria, that created a billion dollar cabal, swiftly draining the country’s financial and natural resource ‘blood’ like a cut to the jugular.

Fast forward to the 15th of June 2016, president Buhari floats the Naira and instead of the expected jubilation, as it is a much anticipated move in the right direction, Nigerians are busy hounding him for a certificate. If you guys don’t mind he can come and have mine, I will even add my UI BSC in sociology as I have NEVER needed the certificate. All I learnt is in my head and will follow me to my grave as a certificate in Nigeria today is hardly worth the paper it’s printed upon.

Let us support the man we voted into power,
dayoalashebanksWhat they don’t know is that PMB might not even be the messia “the man that gets us to d promise land”, but he sure is an institute that masterminds this country’s overhaul. He is here to repair everyone’s mistake made in the past because indeed we all ve had our role in the injury we see our selves today. Take it or leave it, Nigeria can never be as it should be if each one of us don’t change our mentality bout governance. Like freeze said, it ain’t bout what u earned from college or where ever, it’s what we ve to offer to the table for nation building. We keep talking so quick to point fingers and all but no one is ready to face the wrath…. Nigeria is a long term project not a one year or even a fours overnight turnover!!! I support PMB admin be it slow or fast…. God help him and his machineries including the bad eggs amongst. #proudly??

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