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Top 8 Luggage Guidelines for Flying Travelers


It can be quiet confusing especially if it’s your first time traveling by air. You are not sure what exactly to pack and it can be a little embarrassing and annoying when you discover you can’t fly with half of what you have packed because they are prohibited.

Not to worry Jovago Nigeria, Africa’s largest online hotel booking portal has put together some guidelines for you so you do not have to part with any of your items at the airport. Though there a few variations depending on the airline you will be flying with, here are some common things you won’t be allowed to fly with.

Quickly before proceeding, here are some terminologies you may come across in the cause of the article: checked baggage – luggage that is not accessible to you throughout the time of your flight and carry-on bag – this is also called hand luggage, a small bag you are permitted to carry into the passenger cabin.

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