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Creative Ways To Talk With Loved One When Travelling 


A concern for travellers is the expensive cost of making calls especially during international travel. In spite of the efforts made by telecommunication companies to beat down prices by roaming your number, the telephone bills for travellers keeps piling.




There has been an increase in internet penetration in Africa with as much as 70% of the Nigerian population optimizing internet services such as online telephony at a higher rate.

Skype is a cheap way to make voice and video calls as the user will either buy credit to call a number or have enough internet data to make communicate to another skype user. However, this mode of making calls is reliant on how good your internet connection is.



Aside from chatting with friends and colleagues, you can now use this app to make inexpensive voice calls. Unlike skype that you cannot call an unsaved number, WhatsApp allows you to call any number of your choice as long as it is saved in your contact.


Roaming is a network service that makes it possible for people travelling to use their phones in a foreign country. Roaming may not be an option for some travellers however, it is effective for persons who are not tech savvy or rely on their phones for business and other transactions.


As to providing some reprieve, Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 hotel booking portal roundup cost effective ways to make calls anywhere in the world.

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