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See 5 Biggest Technology Myths

1. Apple laptops are the best for programming /macs are better than the pcs:
Macs are just swag, and programmers like to carry them just for the trend of it. We’ve attached the higher price of mac to mean higher quality. However, there’s no data backing the fact that an apple macbook is better for programming, and don’t try to pull the no-virus card → . Definitely, there are macs that are better than some pcs but the case is also vice versa.

2.Updates makes your phone faster
Nothing could be further from the truth. A patch for a bug fix or to clear up a security issue will help your device protected nonetheless. But os and frequent app updates creates heavier apps that require powerful hardware compatibility. That’s the reason your phone gets slower.
Just update the necessary apps, and help your phone for optimized performance. You’ll be amazed by the results.

3.Free wi-fi
Your information and usage is the price you pay, hence it’s not free. When unencrypted, the whole network could be compromised leading to snooping your private information and monitor all your activities especially to steal your online banking details like internet banking, amazon wallet and pay-pal free wi-fi is the best bet.
It can not only be monitored by the hotspot provider but also for everyone within the wi-fi range. So an eavesdropper can position himself between you and the hotspot. Once the eavesdropper has your information, he can — at his leisure — access your systems as if he were you.

4.Private /incognito browsing keeps you anonymous -there’s a misconception that “incognito” and “private” are synonymous with anonymous. If you’re using incognito mode in google chrome or private browsing in safari, it simply means the browser won’t keep track of your history, import your bookmarks, or automatically log into any of your accounts. Basically, it’s good for keeping other people who use your computer from seeing what you’ve been doing. But it won’t keep your identity hidden from the sites you visit or your isp — so keep that in mind if you’re visiting sites you shouldn’t be.

5 more megapixels always means a better camera
What’s the difference between 12 megapixel cameras and 8 megapixel cameras? Not much, as it turns out. The quality of an image is determined in large part by how much light the sensor is able to take in. Bigger sensors may come with larger pixels, and the larger the pixel the more light it can absorb. So, it’s really the size of the pixels that matter as much or more than the sheer number of pixels. (a megapixel is simply shorthand for a million pixels.)

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