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1 of 20 Distinctive Views That Are Popular In Dubai (Stacking Tutles)

Stacking Tutles

This seems like a cruel and odd thing to do to turtles. What happens in Dubai, stays in Dubai, am I right?

Super-Car Traffic Jam

Seeing a Super-Car in most parts of the world would be a thing of wonder. Seeing them lined up in a traffic jam can only happen to people living in Dubai.

Paddling Alone

This strange paddle boat can be occupied by only one person and needs to operated while standing upright. Guess this is how the rich folk move from one part of the world islands to another.

Cellphones That Need A Second Mortgage

Purchasing a cellphone is a common occurrence in most parts of the world. Only in Dubai can you find a healthy supply of phones that probably cost more than the house you currently reside in.




Source: Lolwot.com

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