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‘Kim Jong Un’ goes to America, New York to Visit Donald Trump – Video

The Big Apple’s residents were deeply shocked when they saw the “North Korean leader” calmly walking down the street and entering the Trump Building. However, the unusual sight wasn’t exactly what it seemed to be.
YouTube prankster QPark found a person that looked like the North Korean leader and made him walk across three different New York neighborhoods, catching the reactions of the passersby on camera.

People on the street who were completely unaware of the fact that the whole performance was a joke were shouting “rocket man” and asking each other what Trump’s most-hated politician was doing in America

When the pranksters headed to their main destination, the 71-storey Trump Building on Wall Street and walked inside asking, “Have you seen Donald Trump?” the amused security guards who immediately recognized the fake, replied that this kind of information was “classified.”

However, some of them asked the pranksters for selfies before they escorted them outside the building.

At the end of their journey, the couple headed to New York’s Korea Town, where residents laughingly admitted that the fake Kim Jong-un looked very scary.

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