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Putin rusian president
© Sputnik / Aleksey Druzhinin

Putin REVEALS His Military Rank While Firing Soviet Howitzer (Pic)

Folk festivities at St Petersburg’s Peter and Paul Fortress have been attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who even fired a cannon and shared some personal details about his military career.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on 7 January that he had been promoted to the rank of lieutenant as platoon commander of a howitzer artillery division.

“It turns out, we are both artillerymen. I was promoted to lieutenant as an artilleryman, platoon commander of a howitzer artillery division… 122-millimetre [calibre] ”, Putin stated.

video of the conversation has been published on the Kremlin’s website.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Peter and Paul Fortress

On Christmas Day, the right to shoot off a salvo was assigned to Vladimir Bendet, 85, an esteemed builder of Russia. The president congratulated him on his birthday and presented him with a pen. Then they made simultaneous shots.

The tradition to shoot off a midday salvo from the fortress dates back many years, and the line for firing a shot is fairly strictly observed.

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