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How UNILAG’s Draconian Rule Threw Faculty Of Law Into Electoral Chaos

This might be a long read so please bear with me.

So August 2018, the Faculty of Law had their presidential elections and after a long and hard fought battle, a winner emerged. Let’s call the winner “A” and the person in second place “B”. I am using pseudo-names because the school has a rule that has barred students from putting the school in “disrepute” and I wouldn’t want to get the innocent students in trouble.

Anyway, two years ago, the school made a rule that students that have ever been matriculated in another school cannot hold any elective position. But A who won the election was once offered admission into YABATECH. He paid the acceptance and school fees but he never turned up for the matriculation neither did he sign the oath which technically means he was not matriculated but the fans of B made it an issue and petitioned the school authorities.
The issue should be a straight one right? But it turned into such a huge issue that the winner was advised to step down so as to not allow it degenerate into something bigger than it is. So he stepped down as president-elect
Now the question is that should the runner up, B become the president elect and by effect the president when school resumes bearing in mind that 
1. He is not the candidate voted for by the majority 
2. The winner has not technically broken the rule but the school’s draconian rule is making this an issue
3. What becomes of a democratic process when the majority of the electorates do not have faith in him and this casts a shadow on the process altogether.

All these issues won’t come up if the school hadn’t come up with ridiculous electoral regulations. And also the issue of threatening students with expulsion if they speak against the school who does that in a democracy? And these same people will be on social media abusing leaders…

What do you think?

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