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Why Apapa, Lagos can’t be a mini-Dubai ?

Nigeria makes over N100 billion from VAT. 55% of that is collected in Lagos.

VAT collections should go to address some of the social and economic issues of the places where they are collected and the rest spent on mandatory and discretionary projects in deprived areas instead of the mindless looting of it via some ‘federal character’ robbery.

For instance, the Apapa axis of Lagos state, with the trillions of Naira it generates for the country, should actually be a mini-Dubai in terms of infrastructural development instead of the shithole it now is. An expensive shithole.

And when you view that in the light of the unconstitutional Hisbah police of the Northern Islamic states and their destruction of trailer loads of alcohol products, you just feel that the contraption called Nigeria has to be reviewed or done away with.

As it stands, it’s just a group of gangs stealing off the weak and the vulnerable, using the instrument of power.

I do agree with my friend, it’s one big Ariara market. No design to provide economic and social justice. Only debilitating and hard hustle where might is right and dishonesty a virtue.

Jazzey Bay

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