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Why do we pray in Naija? #PrayForNigeria

So after all the wishes, prayers and sentiments for the new year in Naija, I learnt a robbery happened in Lagos where the woman of the house was shot.

She was still alive and was rushed to the nearby hospital. She was rejected care.

They went to three different hospitals, and it was the same story of mindless rejection. She stayed strong from around 1am till 3.30am when she breathed her last.

That was all because some top police officer, who had more brawn than brains, thought the best way to find armed robbers who clash with his men (never mind that happens once in a blue moon), ordered a fatwa that anyone with gunshot wounds must not be treated in any hospital without police report (One that takes days to get and with bribe payments).

How a single police chief, not even a representative of the people nor the president, could make de-facto laws just on a whim says everything about a shithole.

Now, over 15 years after, the muppet probably now retired, thousands of lives lost, and all that happens is the death of Nigerians on a massive scale.

Just because these aren’t announced with fanfare doesn’t mean its not happening frequently.

Now, that sort of jaundiced, unprofessional, callous and incredibly stupid decision by a man not authorised by the constitution to take on such roles has afforded many crooked organisations to hide under it and refuse help to citizens.

Many unscrupulous hospital operators refuse care to victims of crime just because they can hide under that inane clause.

Of course, those who genuinely want to help may not because of the daunting experience of dealing with the police – something akin to dealing with the intractable foe instead of a friend.

Armed robbers who could procure AK 47s are not stupid. They know how to access black market health care, some from the same hospitals refusing care to the victims.

If we cannot correct anomalies which is so insane it is leading to deaths of citizens, something really easy to do, how do we hope to run a country which values the lives of citizens?

OK, why do we even pray?

It does seem to me that all that time wasted on praying that you don’t become victims could be spent challenging the system!

But that selfish and classicist self immolating DNA of the upper class is observable in all levels of social strata in Nigeria. The false belief that ‘I have the DPOs number on my phone, or my friend is a CSP’ is more coveted and preferred to fighting for a just society where safety is routine.

When Europeans learnt that mosquitoes carried the malaria parasites, they attacked all the environment on which it could be found. Open gutters were a no no. And many chemical inventions came out of it within 10 years of understanding the critical pathways.

Nigeria is a nation of strong men and not of rules.

No amount of prayers will help, or even change that until the people decide they deserved better.

Until then,……

It’s Russian Roulette.

Jazzey Bay

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