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Pastor Adeboye Explains Why Marriage is not for everyone


This is actually the reality but you’ll need an open brain to just accept it. Unlike what the bible claims that the person can keep his dad and mom and hold quickly to his partner, and the 2 can become one flesh, the overall overseer of the Redeemed Religious Church of Lord (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye condemned relationship in his new guide called “Trip to Marriage.

Ahead of the new guide, Pastor Adeboye have joined many pastors in Nigeria who’ve been creating intense statement equally on the social network and in the Christendom. Journey to Marriage is a guide with all humility which lets you know all you need to know on whether to get married or perhaps not and also serve as a religious advice and preparations for the wedding.

In the guide, the person of Lord began by expressing that not everyone will marry.


“Please let this point be clear from the beginning. Marriage is a very beautiful thing, but when you think seriously about the matter the one who does not marry is better than the one who does. Almost all the mighty men tremendously used by God never married.

Such people include Elijah, Elisha, Paul, Jesus, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Stephen. Somehow, they ‘did not get into the “trouble” I am happy being married, like somebody said, like trailer it drags you.”

“The bible says clearly that those who are not married mind only the things of God, while those who are married mind the things of their husbands and their wives”

“I have a rough idea that when we get to heaven those who are not married will score higher marks than those of us who are married.” So your first step to marriage therefore should be to ask God if he wants you to marry or not according to the man of God.

“If the answer is negative then pray to God to let you settle down and begin your work for him. You could argue that it is God who says we should increase and multiply.

Yes but do all those who marry get children? Man of God concluded.

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