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Check out Top 21 Questions To Ask Before Saying “I Do”

4. What are your sexual fantasies?
Does he/she expect MouthAction, anal sex, bondage, Triple Sins, sex-tapes etc? Stop being shy and ask, so you don’t get the shock of your life after wedding.

3. What are your religious views?
Without a good mutual understanding, having different religious views can break up an otherwise good relationship. For Christians, this includes church doctrines.

2. Do you have a child?
It is better to know this and prepare for the drama that comes with baby mamas/papas beforehand.

1. Are you married?
Put your feelings aside and ask this all important question. If they are divorced, ask for details. There is a big difference between divorced and about-to-be divorced.

Your Turn
Have you ever ended a relationship because of the answer to any of these questions? Have you ever received shocks from your boo/bae or ex-boo/bae? Please share your experience in the comments section.




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