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Dating Advice: Attitude Some Ladies Portray That Show They Are Only Good For Dating


1.You eat like glutton on the first date with him, forgetting that he’s intention was to woo you and get serious with youundecided…

2.You visit him for the very first time, before you agreed to come you told him to be sure he ‘ll give you t.fare to and fro and you were specific on the amountundecided…

3.He gives you money to prepare soup, you used up all the money and after you return from the market you still ask him for more money with the excuse that the money he gave you was not enough…my sister, as an intending wife manage the money and bring changeundecided…


4.You guys decide to take a stroll down the street, at every interception with your friends she chews chewing gum and blows out a very big balloon like bolomboloundecided…

5.You came back and saw his 5 missed calls instead of you to call back you sent him “pls call me back sms”…which serious girl does that huhundecided…

6.He sent you recharge card and all you could do to reciprocate his kind gestures was to flash him, smhundecided…

7.You wake up in the morning from the bed leaving your “fiancee” with you and hurriedly pick up your earings and go straight to the mirror and start fixing while you are trying to put on your high heels with one hand on your leg the other hand on your ear just because one of your female friend calls you to come over her place let her gist you about her outing last night, tfuundecided…


8.You drink alcohol irresponsibly anywhere you find yourselfundecided…me i hate the sight of a lady taking alcohol, for me it’s unwomanly…hard drinks are meant for men.

9.When it’s sunday that’s when you remember all your dirty clothes in your box, my sister go to church and who knows God might just have mercy on you.

10.You are untarciturnic when it comes to talking….you talk at every slightest opportunity you have not minding who is standing behind you…as a potential wife you learn how to tame your tongue.


11.At every misunderstanding you have with your fiance you raise your voice and even go as far as bringing your chick close daring him to slap you if he’s man enoughundecided…

12.You lie alot, even when you were caught in the very act…me i run from such girls i swear.

Now, the above write up is not to degrade women or pull down their will as the case maybe…the message is, as a woman try to always be modest in everything you do…don’t ever rob shoulders with a man no matter what, God has placed him ahead of you weather you are married to him or not…if you can’t respect your bf you will never respect your husband…truth is if you don’t have a good relationship built on Godly principles your marriage won’t last…maybe that’s why the bible urges that all women should learn in silence….


Bad attitude they say is like flat tyre in a car and until you change it you can never go far in life with it.

Thank you cool.

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