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Please help, Ladies Are Asking My Hubby Out On Whatsapp.

Apologies, to trouble all of you , however I really eeded to get this out into the open. I recently got married, over a year back. I have had no reason not to believe my husband, truth be told I could believe him with my life. My issue began a week ago when I borrowed his laptop to complete some office work. I discovered his WhatsApp web was signed in, so to clear something up, I chose to take a look.

What I found what worrying, I saw loads of messages from ladies who were truly asking my better half out, arranging dates and get together venues, notwithstanding when they are all very much aware that he is married.

From that point forward I have been paranoid, each word from his mouth gets to be suspicious, I get furious at him for reasons unknown; I don’t know wether to go up against him, since I feel like he’s simply going to lie to me, I’m exceptionally befuddled , somebody help me.

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