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ikin ifa

Awure fun Anu (tested and trusted)

Owo Owo Owo o o o (moneyX3)

Nigbati mode ile aiye mo ti ni owo lowo
Aya Aya Aya ooooooo(wife X3)
Nigbati mode Ile aiye moti fe aya
Omo Omo Omo oooooo
Nigbati mode ile aye moti bimo
Ile Ile Ile oooooooo
Nigbati mode Ile aiye mo ti ko ile
Moto Moto Moto
Nigbati mode ile aiye mo ti ra moto
Nje Ela IWori masai je ni gbogbo ikan bayi ti mo to lo laiye o o.Ase

Usage:recite time to time faithfully

This is copied from my materially reached prospered uncle of blessed memory.Dr.(Herbalist) Fatai Alade.’published book “medicinal Herbs”

~Alebiosu Goriola

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