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Check out artistic pen of Esu & Crocodile.

From the World of Ifa, we won’t stop representing what we believe in. This is the pen of Esu and Crocodile, more still coming from the world of Ifa.  Many people are asking for this pen and here it is.
If you want us, order for yours any type you want from the following email. Send email message to the following. ask4mosunbabe@yahoo.com Ifagbenusolapopoola@gmail.com Or whatsapp: +2348169508728 When sending message, please include your country and the type you want. Let’s tell them that we traditionalist also matter. Now ask the person beside you that “what’s wrong in using Esu pen?

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ESU is not SATAN Esu is one of the Orisa in IFA Religion. The christians and the Muslims are trying to blackmail Esu by equating him with their own Satan, Ashitani, Devil, demon, Lusiva and other evil doers in their religions respectively. Esuis a very good Orisa like others. The devotees of Esu bear names likeEsuyemi, Esukayode, Esubunmi, Esukorede, Esuyomi, Esufunmike,Esufunmilade, Esuwemimo, Esutoosin, esutola, Esujide, Esutunde,Esutunmise, Esurinde, Esufunmilayo and so on. Esu festival is celebrated every year. Esu is eulogized ...