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Olokun: The patron saint of Africans

Olokun is quite the Orisa. Known as both in male and female personifications, depending on what region of west Africa He/She is worshipped, Olokun is personified in patience, endurance, observation, wisdom, history of the past, future visions, and royalty personified. Its characteristics are found and displayed in the depths of the Ocean. It’s name means Owner of the Ocean.

Olokun is the patron saint of Africans that were carried away during the Maafa, or what is sometimes referred to as the Slavery or Middle Passage of Africans. Olokun works closely with Oya and Egungun to herald the way for those that pass to ancestorship.

Olokun signifies unfathomable wisdom. That is, the instinct that there is something worth knowing, perhaps more than can ever be learned, especially the spiritual sciences that explain birth, life, death and afterlife. Olokun also governs material wealth, psychic abilities, dreaming, meditation, mental health and water-based healing. Olokun is one of many Orisa known to help women that desire children. People that want to maintain power or desire political ascension also worship Olokun.

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