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Bernando LaPallo

114 Year Old Man reveals top 5 Foods That Kept Him Young

Everyone wants to remain young, but unfortunately, life span in the Nigeria declined in 2017 for since World War I. Generally speaking, life span has been on the rise, but that doesn’t indicate the standard of living has increased with it. Instead, many people reach senior years coping with many physical and mental health issues.

However, one man who lived to 114 seems to learn a key or two to an extended, healthy life. Listed here are 5 foods he ate on a daily basis to help keep him young: Born in 1901, Bernando LaPallo lived to the ripe years old of 114. He attributed his longevity mostly to healthy eating habits. “People ask me what would you do to remain so young,” he said. “I say, ‘Well you’ve heard the old saying, you’re everything you eat.’ ” Needless to say, he ensured to add a lot of fruit and veggies in his diet. However, he named 5 main foods when referring to what gave him this type of long life.

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