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1st law of Motion in Oodua Language

If you go to most villages in southwest Nigeria, you would find that the secondary schools in those villages are mostly “grammar schools”. You hardly find any science or comprehensive schools in the village.

The few schools that attempt to teach science subjects don’t even have teachers that can speak English language (which is presumably the language of science). Yet, one way or the other, we need to teach science in ways these indigent students need to understand.

I believe physics is the easiest that can be thought in yoruba language, this is because it is something that the students can observe by themselves in their environments.

So can we try to convert the theories and principles of physics to yoruba summaries.

1. Newton’s first law of motion:
A body would continue to be in its state of motion or rest, except acted upon by an external force.

Ofin kini Niwtọni – ofin “Ẹṣẹ kii dede ṣẹ lai si idi.”

2. Newton’s Third law of motion:
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Ofin kẹta Niwtoni – ofin “Oko ta ba sọ lu ọpẹ ni ọpẹ n sọ lu’ni”.

What Other physics laws do you remember? Please state them in the comment section and their possible yoruba summaries.

– Yorubyte 2019

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