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5 Ways To Wear The Ankara Print

5 Ways To Wear The Ankara Print



Casual look is definitely in, as you can see a lot of young ladies do the Ankara wrap skirt with hills and a tank top. Some go with a simple straight dress with short sleeves or shorts for the beach and shirt dress. However way you view casual, you can count on it..

Who doesn't have a set or 2 of an Ankara material in  their wardrobe? It's certainly one of Nigerians best print as it pertains to design; it's durable, comfortable, light and affordable. It may be worn to various occasions unlike the Adire or Asooke prints. The asooke prints are heavy materials with heavy beaded designs and are generally rocked for weddings. It'll interest you to find out  it didn't originate from Africa but Europe, particularly Netherlands, even though the prints were being altered within Africa however not the fabric. It's beautiful designs and colours which need fewer accessories and at…

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