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Brazilian Council of Ifá

May the grandchildren of our grandchildren never forget the decision of the judges of the Supreme Court of Brazil today, at the hearing that unanimously allowed the slaughter of animals for religious purposes, that the voice of the law be eternalized and that the light of truth will illuminate the dream of the freedom of our ancestors.

Let the mantle of impunity be swept UNIVERSALLY, that cowardice be punished with the certainty of the refuge of the excluded.

Let the ÒRÌSÀ be praised from north to south with the strong voice of justice, that the unjust never overlap those who praise their ancestors.

May the sound of the atabaques silence the expression of violence with the melody brought by black Africans to our country.
And may God be in charge of the bishops of lies and insults with the severity that they must impose upon them.

Olúwo Ifagbaiyin Agboola

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