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Ejila-Asebora (Odu from Erindinlogun with the Oriki).

Ejila is the 12th sign in the Erindinlogun oracle of the olorisa ,it is regarded as one of the hot throws and once it comes out ,the olorisa will have to do a brief ritual 
The Ase of the odu is hot and quick and could be dangerous for both the diviner and the person being divined for .

It is an odu that gives sango and other orisa strength .It talks about health and sickness, treachery by close persons ,fear ,enemies and obstacles ,war .
In this odu sango was afraid of the war that was looming between him and oya ,that he was adviced to make an ebo with ashes inorder to get victory .so we often make this ebo with ashes with esu ,when a client is always afraid .

In this odu when sango is fed with burnt orogbo and fresh orogbo and stones by olorisas ,victory over any bad situation is assured .

Moju kokoko
Bi eni ponso 
Obe soro
Abikan laya
Odafun olukoso 
Lalu bambi 
Omo arigba ota segun 
Emi o 
Leni meji 
Tin ba mi segun 
Afi oluko so .

Olukoso asegun

Ota fun wa oo

Ajila Asebora
Whose eyes a fiery like red cloths .
Like the knife stuck to the chest
Made divination for the king that did not ,son of Bambi ,that conquers 200 bullets/arrows .
I do not have another that helps me get victory ,
than sango olukoso.

May sango grant us victory 
Ase .

Translation by solomon omojie .

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