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European Ancestor Versus Oodua Ancestor Which One Marches Your Dna

European Ancestor Versus Oodua Ancestor: Which One Marches Your DNA?

OODUA Ancestors are well over 50,000years old in existence; While European Ancestors conscripted by the Roman Vatican are not more that 5,000years old in existence. According to Archeological research reports.

How can a reasonable human being abandoned honouring his Ancestor with his perfect marched DNA, to be honouring strange Ancestor that have no link in his/her existence?

Picture 1

Picture 1 Depicts the Roman Vatican Pope honouring Catholicism Ancestor that gave birth to Christianity and Islam!

Pictures 2,3 & video Showing Onirisa (Arole Oodua) and Obalesun (Arole Obatala) & other spiritual Majesties honouring Oodua Ancestor!

What is the difference in honouring the SPIRITUAL HEAD of the European Vatican Ancestor and Oodua Ancestor?
Only senses required from my brothers and sisters to think/reason on both their Indigenous Spirituality and Strange Foreign Spirituality.
Roman Vatican gave birth to both Christianity and Islamic doctrines… 

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