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Geomancy Is A Form Of Ifa!

**Ifa is not a form of geomancy.

The most outrageous and misleading statement about Ifa I yet have heard is that Ifa is part of some Arab culture, and that it is geomancy.

There is NO evidence to support this declaration beyond a desire to assert it and impose.

This weak way of thinking is just another attempt to subvert ANYTHING of value that comes from Africa.

Odu Iwori Meji clearly told us where Ifa came from: it is from and by Orunmila.
The origin of Ifa is clearly stated.

In the Ìwòrì Méjì story, a family meeting grew out of hand when the youngest son refused to pay proper homage to Orunmila, which Orunmila took as an offense so serious that he stopped performing his customary duties of taking care of everybody and finding solutions to every problem. Orunmila, in exasperation, withdrew and left the community. The consequences were dire:
Ló bá di wí pé aboyún ò bí mọ́
Àgàn ò tọwọ́ àlà bosùn
Ọ̀kùnrùn ò dìde
Akérémọdòó wẹ̀wù ìràwé
Àtọ̀ gbẹ mọ́ ọmọkùnrin ní ìdí
Obìnrin ò rí àṣẹ́ẹ rẹ̀ mọ́
Iṣú pẹyin ò ta,
Àgbàdó tàpẹ́ ò gbó.
Erèé yọjú ọ̀pọ̀lọ́.
Òjò páá pàà páá kán sílẹ̀
Adìẹ́ ṣà á mì.
A pọ́n abẹ sílẹ̀
Ewurẹ́ mú un jẹ.

The result was that pregnant women no longer delivered.
The barren ones remained barren.
The sick remained infirm
Small rivers wore garments of leaves
Semen got dried up in men’s testicles,
Women no longer saw their menstruation.
New yam tubers appeared but could not develop into seeds
Scanty rain drops fell on the ground,
Chickens picked them up.
Well sharpened knives were placed on the floor,
And goats ate them up.
Clearly, the community had enormous problems. The people therefore gathered and sent an emissary to Ifa to request him to return and resume his task of catering to the needs of the community, to solve all the problems that visited them since his withdrawal. But Orunmila refused to return. Instead he gave them the computer system and asked them to use it whenever they needed anything, or wanted to solve any problem:
Ọ̀rúnmìlà ní òun ò tún relé mọ́.
Ó ní kí wọn ó tẹ́wọ́
Ó wáá fún wọn ní ikin mẹ́rìndínlógún
Ó ní bẹ́ ẹ bá délé
Bẹ́ ẹ bá fówóó ní
Ẹni tẹ́ẹ́ mọ bi nù un
Ó ní bẹ́ ẹ bá délé
Bẹ́ ẹ bá fáyaá ní
Ẹni tẹ́ẹ́ mọ bi nù un
Ó ní bẹ́ ẹ bá délé
Bẹ́ ẹ bá fọ́mọọ bí
Ẹni tẹ́ẹ́ mọ bi nù un
Ilé lẹ bá fẹ́ẹ́ kọ́ láyé
Ẹni tẹ́ẹ́ mọ bi nù un
Aṣọ lẹ bá fẹ́ẹ́ ní láyé
Ẹni tẹ́ẹ́ mọ bi nù un
Ire gbogbo tẹ́ e bá fẹ́ẹ́ ní láyé.
Ẹni tẹ́ẹ́ mọ bi nù un.
As soon as they arrived home, they consulted the 256-digit program that Orunmila gave them and realized that it worked just as they were promised. They declared that Orunmila was the Afedefeyo, the one who understands all forms of Èdè languages, and could manipulate Ede to perform all manners of wonderful feats.

Ifa is not a form of geomancy.
This confused way of speaking comes from a lack of understanding of the Yoruba language. Language is the heart of culture. Calling Ifa “geomancy” is just another way of saying Mungo Park discovered River Niger.

Do not commit the ideological suicide of saying that Ifa is “geomancy.”
It is geomancy that is a form of Ifa.

Stop this nauseating campaign to further pillage Africa of its cultural heritage with the use of linguistic propaganda.

Prof. Moyo Okediji.

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