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What goals should be achieved by the age of 30?

Absolutely none.

There is nothing you should have achieved so far.

Just using the word “should” in there puts your life in comparison to some standard you think you have to uphold.

That there is some ideal way to lead your life and some ideal way you should have lived your life.

It puts the illusion in your mind that you are not perfect and that the average person is.

The word “should” is the most evil word in the english language and should never be used (Irony intended).

Look, here’s the truth:

You did the best you could.

Given your situation, your experiences and your circumstance you achieved as much as you could have.

Of course you could have worked harder, or did more, but you didn’t, and you didn’t because that is the person you were back then.

You lived the perfect life, because you lived the life that only you could have lived!

Meaning you achieved exactly what you “should” have achieved by now.

Saying that there are goals that you “should” have achieved means you think that there is some certain ruleset that every person needs to follow, or some guideline for how to live your life.

But it doesn’t exist.

You are living your life the best way you know how, even if you don’t do everything you want to there is a reason for it and you are trying.

That all being said, the only things you “should” achieve are the goals you set for yourself.


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