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Happy Ose Ifa Day In This Week To We All Olorisa Practitioners Both Home And In Diaspora

May this OSE IFA brings happiness and healthy in wealthy for all of us… ASE OO…claims this prayer with share the info on your page…ase o
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Through Inconvenience & Discomfort, Growth is Promoted. “Dedicated to the spreading and sharing information and knowledge Hidden for centuries. Ifa is a nature religion that helps to develop realistic relationships with the natural forces that govern the universe.” Ifa is not strictly religion, history, philosophy, or science, but Ifa contains Religion, History, Philosophy, and Science within itself by which wonderful things are performed. Ifa is not any one thing, but it contains everything within it, in it totality. Ifa Often Speaks In Parables.

HERITAGE The Vision Continues…
Is devoted to sharing the knowledge and wisdom of traditional spirituality and culture in terms that the average person can hope to understand. Also, to create an environment that promotes world communities. HERITAGE aims to inspire a mutual understanding and cultural dialog through spirit-music-art and mental wellness.

IFA – Spiritual Tradition:
Ifa is an indigenous, earth centered African spiritual tradition which was conceptualized by the West African people. According to oral literature, the practice of Ifa originated as far back as eight thousand years ago. Therefore, Ifa may indeed be the oldest monotheistic religion in the world.

Ifa is balanced on three legs: Olodumare (Creator) – Orisha
These practices took root from the time when the knowledge of African spirituality first arrived in the New World in the hearts and minds of African people brought here as slaves. During those tragic days, if the religion were to survive at all, it had to be practiced in secret, hidden behind Christian icons. These secret practices became a necessary part of keeping African traditions from being completely destroyed in this part of the world.

In responding to the realities of life in the West, African spiritual traditions subsequently have been abused by some priests and priestesses who, in their willingness to use sacred energy to control and frighten others, are no different from their counterparts in other religions. There are also those who insist on keeping our tradition undercover. Keeping our practices invisible adds to the inability of non-practitioners to see who we really are: teachers, farmers, doctors, lawyers, moms and dads, small business owners, engineers, and other normal people.
African spirituality, in its essence, celebrates the oneness that exists between the Creator and the Creation.

The breath of God is in all.
Ifa and the ceremonial life that it generates constitute the organizing principle of the traditional West African religious vision. It is a view that finds human destiny “rooted in the breath of God Almighty”. Nothing happens by chance. There is a reason for everything, and it is the duty of human beings to recognize this mystery. Within the Odu lay the hidden messages of the unseen influences. These messages are best interpreted by a well trained diviner during a divination session.
The Foundation provides genuine Ifa Divination in the original African form from a highly trained Ifa Priest. The process of divination opens the channels of communication between Orunmila, and ourselves. When serious issues of a job, love, health, children, negative energy etc. must be dealt with, only a personal divination with a skilled Diviner can provide the specific answers and solutions.

Life Path and Guardian Orisha Divination: The Life Path reading has been performed for thousands of years in Africa on the third day of a new child’s life. It is the reading that lays the foundation for your entire life, and it can now be performed for adults who never had this opportunity immediately following birth. In Ifa, while most individuals are intent only upon identifying their primary Guardian Orisa , the truth is that the selection of that Orisa to guide your life was specific to the path and energy you selected in the realm of the very moment of conception. Each of us has certain things we are meant to learn or accomplish during our lifetimes; this path will allow us to accomplish these most effectively. In addition, it will provide the energies necessary to allow us greater success, love, health, family and fulfillment in the rest of our experiences.

In this Life Path/Guardian Angel reading, the specific energies and their application to your everyday success as well as your emotional/spiritual success are clearly defined and explained. In addition, of course, this reading identifies the Orisha Energy you selected to help you most effectively traverse this path successfully. Your primary Orisha comprises the overwhelming amount of energy you will use to most effectively navigate your life path. In this Life Path Reading it is also possible to identify your Primary Guardian Ancestor, who will reside in your Ori and help you on your journey.

Religion is the Belief in and the acknowledgement of a superior being and the recognition of deities or forces and the worship of that superior being by prayer and propitiation. Such Worship can be direct to the superior being or through any recognized intermediary, deity or force.
Religion is everywhere an expression in one form or another of a sense of dependence on a power outside ourselves. A power Which we may speak of as spiritual or moral. It should also be clear that a belief in spiritual beings or indeed in anything else, cannot by itself constitute Religion.

A religion which consisted merely of belief without prayers, sacrifices, or rites of any kind would be no Religion at all…
** Religion of one kind “or” another is the only permitted language in which one could formulate the dream of becoming a free subject.

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