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I think Christianity is the least authentic of the 3 Abrahamic religions. – Darren

While Islam and Judaism still worship one and the same old god known as Yahweh or Allah, the Christians thought about it and said
“uh let’s make it three-no no no- let’s call it a 3 in 1.”
Another key defiant character is on dietary laws-which I believe are nonsense BTW.
The Jews have Kosher and the Muslims have Halal and these are derived from the culinary habits of Moses. If Moses was a vegetarian, we’d have vegetarians around fighting over whose vegetarian laws are better.
Back in the days of Moses, people were dumb- I don’t mean dumb in the sense of the word but let’s say people didn’t know as much as an 8 year old would know today. Moses probably ate pork and got diarrhea or infestation from Taenia solium so instead of cooking his bacons properly, he decided- I don’t like this thing and therefore will write it down here because I am the only literate man so I have the stone tablets and I get to tell everyone what to eat.
Muslims and Jews have tried hard to keep up to the dietary laws but Christians, not much. The American Christian has even found a way to venerate bacon and it is acceptable, they are not going to follow some old goat herder’s diet plan in the 21st century.
So this brings the question of authenticity back into focus and none other than the “holy” sites. The Muslims and Jews have holy sites the will fight for but the Christians are more or less pesky tourists that the Israeli government makes a ton of money from.
What they basically do is take these Nigerian religious tourists-sponsored by the government!- and point to a cave with the guide saying
“uh that’s where Jesus died; oh and that 18th century pool is where he used to go swimming as a child.”
The Nigerian tourists as usual for an African are bewildered with mouths wide open. They are naive and unsuspecting because Israel is a holy land and they are amongst the holiest of people. So a pilgrim would be cornered by a Jewish person and in these tiny vials are authentic Jerusalem sand which they sell to the Nigerians for a couple dollars. That’s the sand that Jesus walked on and money must be made off it. This is true, sand from Jerusalem is sold and I was so shocked to hear this from one pilgrim who was so happy to buy sand.
What the Nigerian tourist is prevented from seeing is the racism endemic in Israel and above all, the growing anti-Christian rhetoric from Orthodox Jews who regard the character of Jesus as blasphemous.
The Israeli government makes so much money off religious tourism but I don’t blame them, Saudi Arabia makes even more money with profits running in the billions of dollars.
I don’t know how true these religions are but what I am certain is that people make a whole lot of money from fairytales.
*I am off to selling water from the holy Osun river; I have to join in making some money as well. 😂


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