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Ilé Ọ̀rìsà!!!

Ilé Ọ̀rìsà!!!

That’s what an admire called the Òyẹ̀kú Méjì suite at the Àkòdì Òrìṣà.

She used the Ile Ife dialect, Ilé Ọ̀rìsà. It is different from the Oyo dialect of Ilé Òrìṣà. 

But it is absolutely appropriate that it is called Ilé Ọ̀rìsà, because it is located in Ile Ife. 

Ilé Ọ̀rìsà!!!

The Ọ̀yẹ̀kú Méjì is a living suite, and it was where I stayed for six weeks when I was in Nigeria. 

It is an amazing suite for meditation. 
We had an air conditioner installed, and gave it a protective crown, to keep it pristine forever and evermore.

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